makes 11 false actions

New hand daddy’s mama often makes 11 false actions
“The in this world only has a mother well, mama’s kid is like a piece of treasure……”No one doubts the new hand mummies love for the babies,market’s sales but the mummies some care and love methods will not only make the baby uncomfortable, but also probably make the baby get sick or develop badly.See these quickly, you had to once do these NG(not good) actions!

NG:Fix a new-born baby to sleep posture

“It is said that baby’s side’s sleeping will result in to be partial to a head, the Fu sleeps to easily result in asphyxiation, so each time the baby is in my bosom after falling asleep, I am lightly to let go of a baby, then put positive his head, and arrive with the small pillow in the head both sides.Thus the baby is very safe.”

Correct way of doing:The new born kept posture inside the foetus while being just born, arms and legs still Quan song, for helping him swallowed into in the birth canal of some water and sticky liquid run off, after livinging 24 hour in, still need to adopt a low side to lie.Over a long period of time lie on the back will make kid head the form is flat even, the correct way of doing usually turns over a body for baby, this sleeping left side lies, will be even to lie next time, again the right side lie next time, then can make like this baby head the form grow well-balanced and good-looking.Want to notice a side to lie to don’t lie on the back after sucking at breast, in order to prevent vomit milk to suffocate windpipe.When the or so side lies, bewaring of don’t press the pediatric ear Kuo forward square,coordinated process otherwise the ear Kuo is usuallyfolded an inconstancy form also.The Fu needed to must notice to don’t result in baby’s suffocating while lying.

NG:Awakenning to sleep soundly is medium of baby wet

“I afraid the baby wet the bed, each time every a few hours embrace baby to chase urine, sometimes the baby is awoke by me behind weep aloud, can’t, I not miss his small fart fart is wrapped by the very wet diaper and got a red bottom not much good.”

Correct way of doing:The baby’s sleep is very important, if sacrificed a baby precious sleep to not make dirty his small fart fart, that lost more than gain.Choose the small fart fart of high-quality urine not wet protection baby, if the baby wet very uncomfortable,hundred million he will use to cry a voice to remind that you replace in time.When the 23 years old later baby urinates at the mid-night, have of have already known to call a person, have of meeting while having an urine idea nature awake, don’t need don’t  awake baby can not.

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