neonatal care ten taboos

Pay attention to neonatal care ten taboos
1 avoid using plastic film as baby diapers
The plastic film is breathable, use it to wrap the baby, will directly affect the body ‘s normal development, from the body of waste, secretion, regulation of body temperature, sweat exhaled carbon dioxide and other functions will be blocked. But the film aging with time, thereby stimulating the baby skin redness, pain, a Si bacteria, infection, ulceration occurs, can also cause sepsis and life-threatening.
2 avoid pinch baby face
Many parents in giving their children, because children to eat by hand and mouth; sometimes parents in play with a child, also like in infants face pinch, it is not right to do so. Infant parotid gland and parotid duct again and again by the squeeze will cause slobber, oral mucosal inflammatory disease. Therefore, avoid pinch baby face.
3 and let the baby sleep among the adults
Many young parents in total sleep like put the baby in the middle, actually do on children’s health is unfavorable. In the human body. Brain tissue oxygen consumption is very large. Normally, the younger children, cerebral oxygen consumption accounts for the proportion of systemic oxygen consumption is greater. The children sleep in the middle ofchain’s position their parents. Will make it in an extreme hypoxia and carbon dioxide are many environment, that occurs in infants sleep instability, nightmares and night crying phenomenon, obstruct the normal growth and development of children.
4 do not use washing powder to wash baby clothes
Washing powder is the main component of alkylbenzene sulfonate. This substance into the body, on the body of amylase, pepsin activity has a strong inhibitory effect. Easy to cause human body toxic, if does not wash net. Will give the baby harm. Therefore, do not use washing powder to wash clothes.
5 avoid shear infant eye or hair
At present, some young mother in order to make their children more beautiful. Always like the child eyelash clip. Think it can make eyelashes grow long. In fact, an eyelash life probably only 90 days, one can imagine. Node children scissors eyelash, make eyelash length is no longer. Besides, shearing eyelashes on children’s physical and mental health is adverse, eye lashes eye protection function, can prevent the dust and other substances directly into the eye. Eyelash clip, will lose the protection role, eyes are very susceptible to erosion, resulting in various eye diseases.
6 new clothing baby cannot directly in
New baby clothes, must use soft detergent ever wear, cotton clothes must buy a bigger, so as to shrink after wearing the appropriate. Want to wash after wear, is to wash new clothes of bleaching powder and other dye residue, so as not to stimulate the baby’s delicate skin.
7 avoid long baby dandruff
Dandruff, i.e., neonatal head black scab. Some people think that dandruff is unsightly, but has the role of protecting fontanelle. In fact. Retention of dandruff is very harmful. Because the dandruff on scalp sebum secretion,, add some dirt accumulation. It not only protect the fontanel, instead affects the scalp on the growth and physiological function. Therefore, should be promptly cleaned.
8 avoid flapping infant brain, back
In the hindbrain and spinal canal, a central nerve and spinal cord nerve, if hard to beat the child’s brain and back, it will produce pressure and vibration, so that children can easily damage the central nervous. Therefore, children’s brain, avoid heavy beat back.
9 taboos in baby bedroom put flowers
In addition to the flower pollen can make infants allergic pathogenic, some flowers also contain toxins, such as: cactus juice toxic, the thorn if the puncture in the skin becomes inflamed; Nerium oleander leaves contain Nerium indicum glycosides, eating will soon poisoning; lilac, jasmine flower has a strong smell, can cause allergic reactions. Therefore,competitive power avoid placing flowers in baby bedroom.
10 avoid baby to take a shower too much
You know, the baby’s skin soft and thin stratum corneum, abundant blood vessels, the absorption capacity is very strong, if take a shower take a shower times frequency, or use soap and strong alkaline soap, because of skin surface lipids are removed and reduce the skin barrier function. So baby take a shower, avoid excessive

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