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According to the age choice of the month the infant is braces to carry on the back to embrace a way
The infant braces benefit is at the female baby health

Now, can buy to various infant of style, various material in the infant’s thing store braces, the price also arrives to°from several 10 dollarses up to thousand not etc..But a lot of parents buy back braces after, few usages, “(adult)feel uncomfortable, the kid sits at in seem to be also very suffered, in a short while cry.And also worry that sitting is long not good to the kid’s skeleton growth.”Ms.bodhi good luck Lee says having a lot of one mother of feeling with her.

Subsidiary child director from out-patient department in hospital beard Lan in the child graduate school in capital city says that with in China what to use the only a few circumstance opposite ratio of braces parents BE, suggest in a survey of the United States, around 81% mothers mean to use an infant braces, for himself Teng hands.

Usage the survey of the United States suggests, the infant is braces to make mother need not depend on the car child safety seat of arm, Kuan department and infant, baby carriage too much, also all healthy to the baby and the mothers:Carry on the back baby on the body can ease the mother’s postnatal period to suppress Yu, be advantageous to a female milk to feed to keep,pearl jewelry match eachalso be advantageous to the formation of baby and mother more intimate relation, contribute to the increment of baby’s sense of security, develop to kid’s nerve and the emotion also very important.

3 babies with following month are suited for a horizontal embrace type braces

According to understanding, currently on the market the main infant is braces according to embracing the kid’s way different, can is divided into a side to lie a horizontal embrace type, behind carry on the back type, face to ex- sightseeing type and face to face type, braces have a fixed shelf, have of still give attention to both to keep rain from defending to bask of function.Braces since can pack a baby, can also place various small miscellaneous articles or objects, like milk bottle, diaper, and paper towel…etc..

Baby from Fu in Guangzhou City vice- director’s doctor Wei from pediatrics in hospital is super even say, infant the time in 0-3 months,divorce with methe neck muscle hasn’t developed well, can not nicely prop up own head, so can adopt a horizontal way for embracing to make the infant lie is carrying on the back a towel or braces in, more safe comfortably sleeping.

Baby 4-6 months hereafter can keep sitting, then can be safe to sit at that kind of round a Kuan department at the parents of braces in.However because of by this time of kid’s neck the muscle isn’t just very emollient, so the parent should choose with kid face to face type of braces, easy to observe the baby’s appearance at any time, avoid because of braces squeeze a people’s nose to result in of suffocate dangerous.Can make the baby face dynasty outside sat at braces in, satisfy a kid outward the curiosity of boundary.

1 year old empress, kid’s head had to prop up dint,移民搬家到新西蘭 can carry on the back a kid in carrying on the back, until the 2-year-old half is or so.

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