contrary and slowly

Use a baby walker the kid learn to walk on the contrary and slowly
Have a kind of child the thing have already stopped producing in the western nation, but our country usage a lot of very wide baby walkers.Pediatrics doctor suggests a parent, don’t make the baby learn to walk with the baby walker.It since the insecurity is more disadvantageous than a baby to develop.洗滌劑致癌

Baby walker, a sow noodles Anne have wheel, the kid is rounded a station to betwixt learn to tread tool.The parents all hope the kid will walk earlier, the baby walker is hasing already guided the function that the kid walks.And sometimes the home hand isn’t enough, the parent goes away once and puts baby into baby walker and lets him and plays by himself, and the baby can’t cry and scream and keep kid from climbing to the deathtrap.In fact, the viewpoints of parents are getting wronger.Medical college in Guangzhou is subsidiary third doctor Tan Xiao Hua from pediatrics in hospital say, don’t promote a parent to use a baby walker for baby, the current insecurity factor of the usage baby walker is more disadvantageous than the kid’s sport to develop.

Use a baby walker

The kid runs about ability to can not get a practice

Tan Xiao Hua reminds a parent:”The kid who uses a baby walker on the contrary and more late learns to walk.”

On coming, baby walker disadvantage in toughen the kid’s equilibrium ability.Once the kid take a stroll, the car follows ambulation, so the kid in the baby walker didn’t need independence confidence balance, this disadvantage in toughen the kid’s equilibrium ability.Two come, the kid is by foot point to move step while learning to tread and depend on a baby walker the kid carried out to run about, but the kid’s thigh muscle cans not get to strengthen to toughen.The equilibrant, thigh muscle strength is the key that kid’s academic association walks to order, so, once the kid leaves a baby walker, can the speed carrying out to walk by oneself is on the contrary slower.The parent makes the kid walk quickly and belongs to “haste makes waste”.最傷腸胃的食物

In addition, the baby walker in fact very danger that looks like safety.In the baby walker, when the kid runs into stumbling blocks, such as chair and tea side-table…etc. very easy”person the Yang car turn over”, once the car turned over the kid’s head and then will hit the ground, this has fatal danger.Even if the indoor in opposite safety, once the adult left a kid, the cheery kid might take the car into a health, kitchen, step and have the place of socket to result in a dangerous factor.If the parent wants to go away a short while, might as well round into one to round a column with a few chairs, let the kid be rounding to crawl along an activity inside the scope of column, but can not put into a baby walker, this is the way of doing that promotes most .Tan Xiao Hua suggests that buying the family of baby walker might as well be the baby walker as the kid’s game place to, under the parent’s present circumstance, let the kid go into a baby walker to let he play a short while by himself, but isn’t suitable for to wait for a long time.

Proceed from above-mentioned consideration of these factors, the abroad has already forbidden a production baby walker.There is still in the baby walker 1 kind, is BE pushed to go forward by the kid, this kind of car then can be made use of to a kid to learn a step.Tan Xiao Hua says that this kind of baby walker strictly says that call to learn to tread cart, its headway is pushed by person, is what kid predominates by himself[herself] to the left rightward directions alignment, can toughen the kid’s equilibrant and run about ability.

Learn to walk

The best when 10 monthly meetings stood

The kid more and early learns to walk, the parent is usually more happy.But lead to early make the kid use a baby walker, the same disadvantage develops at the kid’s body.Tan Xiao Hua says:”Kid’s using the best age of baby walker is 10 months.At this time, the kid has already learned to crawl along, is standing to start in the study.”

The baby’s sport growth contains certain regulation, will sit for baby 6 around months, after is crawl along, the end is to stand and run about, namely the control of leg and feet.Process essential to have of crawling along.Crawling along can toughen the baby’s body coordination ability, is also the way that the baby investigates world.Pass to crawl along of toughen, baby leg department the strength is strengthened, the equilibrium ability acquires an exaltation, and these independently ran about to beat solid foundation for him, so the etc. baby can crawl along and wanted to stand, is the best opportune moment that learns to walk.

Even if used a harmless baby walker, Tan Xiao Hua also reminded, the kid should not lead every time time long, should avoid accidental injury occurrence within the scope of the view of the adults while using.九大養生菜

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