baby immunity dint

The Pou stomach produces the matter of baby immunity dint
According to understanding, the western countries Pou temple produce ratio at 10% to the of 15%, the lowest control is in 3%, while the Pou temple of our country some big cities’ producing ratio have already been up to 50%-60%, this ratio reflection goes abroad and produces surgical operation to the Pou temple more and adds approbation inside the parents, but Pou temple’s producing will bring baby what linger effect, estimate the parents not too understand.We is as follows your collection circumstances:

The Pou stomach produces a male baby the immunity dint is much lowerchange spirit machine

According to the report way, the little more than Pou stomach produces, the baby boy more easily descends than the baby girl’s immunity dint.The vein blood of 63 baby girls and 69 baby boyses that the obstetrics doctor sampled to just be born, carried on immunity globulin in which contrast.Giving birth to baby naturally among them is 68, the Pou temple produces 64.Research expresses, naturally give birth to baby of baby boy and baby girl immunity dint the difference isn’t big;Compared with the nature childbearing, the Pou stomach produces the new born’s immunity dint and anti- infection ability opposite worse, this phenomenon expresses on baby boy more outstanding.

The Pou stomach produces a baby to alter to suffer from asthma

British researcher warns to say, the Pou stomach produces a kid compare fluently produce of kid alter suffer from asthma, the Pou stomach produces a kid to suffer from asthma all the rate compares to fluently produce as usual of the kid is 80% in height.Although the accurate reason is still not explicit,the reason may be a Pou stomach to produce a kid have never experienced an immune system and lung department growth of some necessarily also have something to do with hormone secreting imperfection through step.

The Pou stomach produces son easily suffer from feeling govern out of tunerecall new breeze

So-called feeling the all maladjustment is a kid to think of with do of isn’t one thing, his thinking usually can not control his/her own behavior, while Pou stomach’s producing is really reason that causes kid’s feeling all maladjustment.

The baby is vitally related in the maternal each and every move and it future destiny, baby’s normal production line in maternal birth canal is also the first-time brain and body to moderate mutually in the meantime of fondle an opportunity to touch, but the Pou stomach produces right that deprived kid’s earliest sensory integration’s toughens.Thus the condition and the day after tomorrow not scientific infant of inborn shortage educates and brought the society and the family a have study and activity up of obstacle, even because studying result is bad, is mistaken for to have intelligence growth the stumbling kid.

In fact these kid general intelligence quotient test all can at average level on, but because it is can hardly for general check to discover to get to integrate an out of tune disease, therefore very difficult carry on an instauration treatment to them in time, from here make children’s body responded seriously and unusually, consciousness function and attention obstacle, further influence a kid aware of self ability and sense of pride.

The Pou stomach produces to increase”wet lung disease”

A research discovers that suffered from the just born son brief sex spirit to urge for the past five years, again”wet lung disease”.application in the engineeringNeed among them into live a just born infant profoundly the individual case of treatment department(ICU) increase over 100%, from 20 in 2002 increase to last year 43.In 155 infants who appears a seriously wet lung disease sympton, 71% is through Caesarean section, with the result that infant can not by oneself the clearance lung department accumulate water, among them, 45% appear the labor pain ex- Caesarean section and invite to carry on Pou stomach in 37 weeks surgical operation on the average.

The data suggests that go into because of the wet lung disease annually ICU the individual case contains up-trend, the circumstance and more and more pregnant womans chooses that the Pou stomach produces son concerning.Only 14% infantses were born on demand but Pou stomach of right and wrong medical science in the research, the expert appealed quasi- parents in response to the head choose Be been natural to give birth to baby by birth canal, avoid because of love, choose a day or even reserve a bed etc. external factor but Pou stomach.

She says that the infant is born ex- need to definitely prepare time, make the infant lung department had an enough condition of absorption parts of lung inner tire water;Moreover, maternal womb constringency and Be canned help baby and accumulate water to the lung department and squeeze a lung outside by vagina birth.

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