later the digest help sleep

Knead ridge benefit to the baby sooner or later the digest help sleep
After going into an autumn, the rain water increases, the air degree of humidity is big, a lot of kids feel whole body tired, not quite right appetite, move bowels sticky and ikky, sleep not and rather, the suggestion kneads ridge for kid sooner or later every day, shopping neversince can Jian Pi benefit spirit benefit digest, and then tranquilize the nerves to help sleep.

Child knead ridge therapy mainly is pass to knead to lift to wait massage skill function in back of Du vein and foot the sun urine bladder through, pass to knead the ridge incitement Du vein and urine bladder through of spirit, can attain to adjust reason internal organs,Big affairsstrengthen physical endowment, strengthen the whole body spirit blood movement, exaltation immunity function etc. function.Make the kid keep Fu to lie or half Fu to lie while kneading ridge, keep back flat flabby, knead the part of ridge as back exact center line.Concrete operation skill BE, point with the thumb the stomach and index finger, middle finger points stomach to match, clip hold skin, thumb at after, index finger, middle finger fore, then index finger, middle finger backward the Nian move,strategy guide thumb forward push, the side kneads a side to change to the neck.

If regard prevention health care as principle, generally everyday once, each time 3-5 line;If with cure appetite infirmity etc. disease for lord, then general for everyday 1-2 times, each time 8-10 line.Had better wake up in the morning or just before sleep knead ridge, avert from after meal in an hour, the baby cry and scream or go to bed.When have already caught a cold,assassin thinks impatient diarrhea or spinal column department skin is damaged and get Jie swollen, skin disease, should not knead ridge, either

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