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Wipes great knowledge that the bottom hides for kid
In recent years, suffer from the kid of anus Lou more and more, its reason has something to do with having no exactitude to wipe a bottom for kid.For the sake of the kid’s health, the parents can choose the quality is soft and absorbs water sex strong new cotton to do a diaper, mercilessly happinessor choice urine not wet, and don’t make an effort too much while wiping a bottom for kid.
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The parents never despise to wipe a bottom, this matter for kid, the noodles contains certain knowledge here.In recent years, suffer from the kid of anus Lou more and more, its reason has something to do with having no exactitude to wipe a bottom for kid.

The diaper that the parents prepares for the new born all generally does with the old bed sheet, old clothes, although these old cloths are soft and absorb water, because of their process many times of again and again rub, the floss on the cloth has already become the 1 F hair sting, these hair sting in the old cloth dry appearance very strong and tough, come to and say to the young and delicate new born of skin to is very harmful.

New born after relieving nature, the parents usually without extra trouble use stem diaper to wipe a bottom for them while changing a diaper, and the new born’s bowels is more sticky, needing to be wiped again and again several times then can be clean and increased the opportunity of hurting new born’s skin thus.The parents who still have use wastepaper to wipe a bottom for new born, this more easily makes the new born’s ass mucosa suffered from harm, and once being infected easy behind to ass burning, cause ass abscess, form anus Lou after breaking Kui.

Boy ass inflammation red and swollen ache, the anus week skin swells after the formation abscess shining, the center softens and break after the Kui run off Nong liquid but Mo degree any dustformation anus Lou, move bowels then from the Lou tube run off.The girl was that the generally outside Yin is red and swollen to, after breaking Kui, moved bowels to eject from the Lou of vagina the hymen external and started moving bowels for 3 days almost whole ejected from the vagina, the ass didn’t have a bowel movement.About lead 10 day, the ass just recovers to have a bowel movement gradually, decrease have a bowel movement along with the vagina, anus Lou surroundings burning the disease will also fade away.But the girl’s anus Lou can’t automatically heal, if diarrhea still leak excrement from the Lou.To want to thoroughly cure more anus Lou the parents should take a kid to arrive treatment in the hospital in time.

It is thus clear that, parents’ controling science nursing knowledge is how important.For the sake of kid health in the future, the parents can choose quality softness and absorb water sex strong new cotton don’t made an effort too much while doing a diaper, or choosing one time”the urine isn’t wet”, and wiping a bottom for kid.New born after relieving natureLED applied group leader, the parents can use Wen Shui first to clean outside Yin ass for them, then use an alexipharmic soft toilet paper to slightly wipe stem, can availably preventĀ°from anus Lou so

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