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The autumn pediatric diarrhea doesn’t blindly use antibiotics
The autumn is pediatric rotavirus to Gao Fa Qi of diarrhea, some parents under the sistuation that didn’t find out a cause of disease blindly usage antibiotics treatment.solution constipationThe expert reminds that the antibiotics generally aims at diarrhea that the germ causes and be infected to the virus invalid, also break the bowel normal germs inside the way, make the condition aggravated.
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1 just was full 1-year-old kid’s several dayses ago emergence diarrhea, fever, vomited etc. symptom, the parents took for him some antibiotic behind not only disappear an effect, poisonous soupon the contrary the condition was more and more heavy.Wuhan City one hospital man the west branch pediatrics vice- director’s doctor Chen Qiu Lin’s check discover, the kid has already appeared dehydrate and sour poisoned symptom, beard hospitalization treatment.

Chen Qiu Lin says that the rotavirus belongs to enterovirus and mainly passes the bowels and breath way dissemination, is seriously the main cause of disease that the infant dehydrates sex diarrhea.Annually sign after autumn, because of the dissemination of temperature, the degree of humidity specially feat rotavirus, the pediatric diarrhea patient counts to sharply increase.

Introduce according to Chen Qiu Lin, kid’s diarrhea of the rotavirus infection rise disease more nasty, often the companion have been already had fever, infection with vomit symptom.If the parent discovers pediatric diarrhea, don’t use a medicine without authorization and begs to diagnose to regular hospital.Don’t give the kid of diarrhea the way of doing for eating is incorrect moreover,Philip LED if the kid doesn’t vomit should eat some simple elegance easily digestive foods appropriately

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