Anne slept slept

Prepare before making small month age what baby Anne slept slept
Before sleeping, don’t make the baby too excited, if the baby has crying and screaming of a habitual prelude before going to bed, don’t immediately strip nude baby.The parents should pay attention to at ordinary times and control the baby’s sleep habit and help a baby establishment rise a good sleep glint habit, can do preparation before crying and screaming a prelude beginning, stir he smiles and lets his mood delectation.Then just can take off clothes for baby.

Sweep the baby’s body

Baby’s emotion after being steady, can start cleaning body for baby.Beat the baby’s body wet, use center of palm of hand to lightly roll to whole body, finance mangainguntil the body is tiny to flush, strength can not too big, also can not too light, bathing the dew can use once next day and use clear water blunt clean after, Tu Shang’s moisturizing lotion, take a piece of big towel to wrap up a baby to put into sleeping bag all over, after wiping stem.

The whole process has to be quick and act simply, the indoor temperature regulates at about about 25 degrees.

Baby asleep empress again leave

The baby don’t immediately go away after lying down, you can looking at his eyes and talk with him and lightly hum song or clap his body, various baby’s activities that moderately suit you all can, until he is asleep.

Some mothers after the baby shut eyes the meeting starts to do other affairs right away, in fact this time very probably the baby has no real asleep, once you go away, he will come to, after process like this once has several times, you discover that the baby becomes to seem to be not easy asleep.Correct way of doing BE, see the baby shut eyes, will just of the activity continue in a short while.Then might as well sit the baby nearby seeks this book to see, a period of time after leave again, do like this of the purpose want to start to build up enough trust feeling with the baby’s.

Considerate hint:

1, if you have already intended that making the baby try is naked to sleep, since summer, but wants to be advertent BE, can not definitely let in summer baby’s completely nude,have beautiful move can bind a piece of towel on his belly, in order to prevent catch cold diarrhea.Wait while slowly becoming cool, needing to cover with quilt son, the weather then can make the baby naked to sleep.

2, the beddings must choose whole cotton textileseses, the choice of another sleeping bag up must notice a safety, the design of zipper whether reasonable, the Niu buttons up whether is easily swallowed inside in by the kid ……all of these are to need an advertent place.

3, baby’s body temperature of small month age adjust the ability of controling to differ, wait about 1 years old again to try.

4, in fact each kid’s qualities is all different, the kids of different type all have their his/her own sleep habit, even if the same kid also has at the different stage will different sleep performance, the parents want to establish according to the they kid’s characteristics to be a since accommodation again include the work and rest method of vivid definitely, don’t force a kid to go to bed with the way that he doesn’t like, the result doing like this be very likely to be parents’ utterly exhausted, Manage finance equationthe kid’s mental state is also hurt and on the contrary lose more than gain

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