living of kid

Embrace a living of kid, let father do better cause future trouble
The mother embraces the kid’s posture to mostly have a problem

Many mothers always don’t dare to hand over to father the darling child to embrace, the reason is to fear the father’s thick hand thick feet lane pain he.But the expert means:Exactly thinking is anti- and brings kid harmful of but is the mothers,finance equation because they usually carry on the back kid to outwardly hug in the bosom while embracing a kid, the chin puts on one side shoulder.This kind of embraces the method profession is called “violin hand”, although save a strength, when kid outward the boundary thing has reaction, can the head turn to move toward a side, time a long will appear two sides to turn the trouble of moving the dissymmetry.It is thus clear that, embrace a living of kid, the father is more more suitable than mother to do.

Science embraces kid’s method to contain a lot of kinds, for example:There are”the airplane embraces”, “revolve to embrace”, and”up and down throw”Pakistan provide …etc., even can with”pour to lift”, these patterns beneficialed very much to the infant’s growth.Among them, two adults the kid is mutually throw around incredibly is also embrace one of the methods, the kid can enjoy to arrive to in the sky “fly” of fun, but these”flower type” embrace a method obviously more suitable father come to do.

Handle kid surprised trouble father to be competent more

The child may run into various accident in the growth process,subconscious appearancefather usually copes with more suitable.Expert’s raising lately one infant in Shanghai is choked dead example by the jelly, he meant:As long as the kid’s father saved to living common sense at 1:00, the kid completely couldn’t meet with accident.The method that in brief and easily goes most is all alone to pour to lift a kid a double feet, the another skill claps shot its back, or kneads kid’s nose, the mouth-to-mouth strong dint inhales.These affair fathers do easily, while the mother does of the effect is probably a little worse

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