baby’s 10 greatest taboos

Novice’s parents’ nursing new baby’s 10 greatest taboos
1.Hate to be infant’s diaper with the plastics thin film

The plastics thin film is airtight and wrap up an infant with it, will directly influence normal growth of its body skin, eject a waste inside the body, secrete a sweat liquid, regulate body temperature and exhale carbon dioxide etc. the function will be blocked.And thin film will is aging at any time and stimulate infant’s skin to flush thus, ache, a Si germ invade, will take place an infection and fester, also cause a septicemia and endanger life.

2.Hate Ning to knead infant’s face

While feeding a medicine for kid, many parents by hand knead a mouth because the kid doesn’t wish to eat;Sometimes parents while teasing kid for fun, it is incorrect to also like to knead on the infant’s face Ning and do like this.The infant’s parotid and parotid take care of once and with a run suffer from crowded wound will result in to drool, the mouth cavity mucosa blaze etc. disease.Therefore, hate the face that the Ning kneads an infant.

3.Hate to let infant Tuo in the adult in the center

Many young parents while going to bed always like to put infant betwixt, it is disadvantageous to do health to the kid in fact and like this.In the human body.The oxygen consumption that the brain organizes is very big.-Under the sort circumstance, the kid is more small, brain oxygen consumption’s hasing the comparison of oxygen consumption is all over also more big.The kid sleeps in parents’ middle.Will make it be placed in extreme anoxia but the carbon dioxide quite a few environment inside, make the infant appear to go to bed unsteady, have evil-foreboding dream and cry and scream an etc. phenomenon at the midnight, directly hindered the kid’s normal growth growth.

4.Hate to wash infant’s clothes with the washing powder

The main composition of washing powder is a sour alkyl benzene Huang sodium.This kind of material has and represses a function very strongly to the starch Mao in the human body and stomach egg white activity of the Mao after getting into a human body.Easily causing a human body is poisoned, if the rinse isn’t clean.Will result in bane for infant.Therefore, infant’s clothes hate to wash with the washing powder.

5.Hate to shear the infant’s eye Yi hair

Have some young mothers currently for making his/her own kid a little more beautiful.The eyelashes that always like the kid shear.Thinking can make the eyelashes grown to grow so.In fact, life span of eyelashes probably only has for 90 days, imaginable.Knot a kid to shear eyelashes, can’t make the eyelashes grown to grow more.Say again, shear eyelashes health is disadvantageous to the kid’s mind and body, the eyelashes have the function of protection eyes, can keep dust from etc. the material directly get into an eye.Eyelashes after shearing, lost a protection function, eyes were eroded very easily and cause various eye disease thus.

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