baby safe rules

The babysitter nurses a baby safe rules

● The babysitter needs to know telephone number in the first aid center and knows to leave recent hospital telephone number in your house and go to the route of hospital

● The place that sees most easily at the babysitter lists following telephone number:The thing industry management deficiency, parents’ cellular phone and parents office relatives, a family doctor, for the purpose of urgent circumstance provide for use

● Let the babysitter know urgent passage or safety export, tell babysitter to watch out for smoke spirit to report to the police, the fire fight equipments deposits of position, and play the operation method of showing the fire fight equipments

● Tell the babysitter door key in the home to put where, for the purpose of baby anti- lock door urgent use

● Let the babysitter understand the baby’s special problem, such as allergy(drive bee Zhe allergy, food allergy etc.) etc., how use medicine, quantity, orientation the disease have to give an account know

● Tell the babysitter first-aid kit’s where Business enterprise

● The request that let the babysitter know you, for example doesn’t hope that the babysitter takes a baby string door, definitely tell babysitter

● If you don’t hope to be some to come to visit into the house, don’t hope to connect to listen to some incoming calls, also want with babysitter speak know

● Tell fire alarm and bandit Jing plea for help a telephone:119 and 110

The safe rule that the babysitter has to obey

● Can not misuse for baby to use any medicine

● No matter in the room still just yard in, can not leave a baby for a minutes

● Don’t make the baby play in near water operation analysis

● Don’t make the baby play products, such as plastics bag, balloon and coin…etc.

● Don’t let baby at close to places, such as stairs, stove and AC outlet…etc. to play

● Don’t eat nut, puffed rice, hard loaf sugar and the whole fruit for baby, or any hard but smooth food

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