influence an infant memory

Shampoo water and soap to influence an infant memory
The Ze Yi fills Er, Doctor points out,ASEAN terrace “study main concentration in shampooing water, soap and many personal other two Qian radicles two B An compositions that the health is had in the things, is exactly this kind of material to make soap and shampoo water to have soft and rise bubble characteristic, but our researches express, two Qian radicles two B Ans will make the brain lost the ability of creation memory cell.”

The Ze Yi fills Er the Doctor carries on of research result enunciation, two Qian radicles two B Ans with similar material-three Qian ethyl An meeting modernization construction

Drive skin of head absorb, and get into a brain, end they will repress the ability of the brain cell absorption Dan alkali and various vitamin B, while Dan alkali and vitamin B form to have an important function in the process in the memory- related cell.The Ze Yi fills Er the Doctor think, these influence of the material upon the adult brain is very small, but two Qian radicles two B Ans will produce bad influence to the formation of the baby and infant’s brain in the female stomach.Although still don’t can do so far end conclusion, because experiment temporarily just carry on in testing rat.

But the Ze Yi fills Er Doctor emphasize to point out, “I didn’t thought of at any time, shampooing would become bringing harmful reason to child, probably this research of ours can’t get a confirmation further, but is exactly proceed from this reason, strange burst of color we established a specialized research group, the research group has already acquired the pecuniary aid of national healthy graduate school, so that he/she finds out the accuracy of this experiment result.

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