more cleverness

The new born whom the love takes a shower will more cleverness
The new born likes water, because he is in the mother’s womb be afloat wear in the warm amniotic fluid.He isn’t afraid of water, can also get into water exhalation in, immerse to can’t be lived by water Qiang, either in the water in a moment, this glint also has in the female stomach.

The touch is a very important physiology functionJADEITE ORIGINAL, but not elephant sense of vision and sense of hearing be so valued by people.The psychologist thinks the clever degree that grows up a later hand and touch of the earlier period develop germane.Speaks from the physiology, it is 1 kind to be advantageous to to take a shower sweep hygiene, growth growth of well habit.Speak from the psychology, it is a kind of best touch training to take a shower.The new born can accept water temperature, towel and soap and adult all over in the middle of taking a shower hands action of incitement.

To notice the temperature of water while taking a shower, the adult tries with the elbow department not cold no longer scalds then.The water temperature has something to do with indoor temperature, general water temperature 37 oCs and human body homology, but in the indoor temperature with 10 oCs, bath water wants to rise 38~40 oCs.The new born’s incitement to the cold heat reaction is still not enough intelligent, the attention prevent┬░froms burn.While taking a shower by hand, thin sponge or soft towel wipe a whole body soap for infant and hurtle clean wipe stem with the towel behind, this kind of different incitement is a kind of touch training to the new born.Strip nude before washing and wash to want in the new born behind so much of the whole body is by hand and lightly tapped and daut him of chest and belly, back muscle and arms and legs.

If the new-born childhood years doesn’t develop to take a shower a habit, 34 months later he isn’t willing to enter water to take a shower.Some infants once had an unpleasantness of experience(the great majority are hotter water or soap water to enter the incitement of eye), ignal modulationdon’t like to take a shower, will frighten to weep aloud on touching water.The adult acts thicker or take compulsive, and more hurried, will make the infant feel to fear but refuse.Wash every several days while meeting this circumstance, let him blur out this memory, or wrap the new born good to put in the water with the towel, not and directly get in touch with to take a bath water, wait his quiet empress again slowly towel loose open;Or put first seldom of water, wait he after going into basin the orientation fills with water gradually.

Rises to take a shower every day from the new borntelevision system, not only prevent┬░from disease, promote health, and is promoting is pleased emotion and touch function of the training is also a kind of education.

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