Autumn winter baby

Autumn winter baby easy”lousy mouth Cape”
Whenever deep autumn early winter the season is a child to suffer from the high peak season that the quarrel blazes.The quarrel is burning to be so called “lousy mouth Cape”, it main symptom BE:The tide is red and rise pimple and take place ivory debauched, open wound, knot Jia etc., returning the companion has already burned to burn feeling and painful feeling.改善耳鳴症狀An open mouth easy bleed, connect have a meal, talk all inconvenient.

So, autumn winter child why easy get quarrel burning?Mainly is season factor to make however.Whenever deep autumn early winter, the weather is drier, by this time the skin of the person’s lips and surroundings is easily dry and cracked.Some while feeling a people’s lips becoming dry, the babies will appear a kind of action of habitual, that is to like to lick a people’s lips with the tongue.In the weather aridity, licked the last saliva to soon evaporate, more lick as a result more dry, cause a people’s lips dry and cracked but inflammation.The one more is the problem of baby oneself physical endowment and have of lack the vitamin B2 inside the baby body, easily occurrence pit Huang Su lack sex quarrel to blaze.

How prevent and cure pediatric quarrel burning?In this aspect, the mother is the best “doctor”.

At ordinary times, the mother should tell the kid doesn’t want to lick a people’s lips with the tongue, especially after quarrel happening and blazing, must be scathing to stop a kid to lick infected part, because the starch Mao contained in the saliva is more sticky dense, lick the paste that is best to be like on the 1 F in the quarrel debauched noodles, need humidity to recall into a skin after vaporizing, the debauched quarrel will more and more be infected but aggravate a condition.

To notice baby’s oral hygiene easily suffer from quarrel’s blazing of the kid should usually add vitamin C and the vitamin B2.Before going out at baby the few glycerin or edible oil etc. of lips, in order to prevent outdoor breeze great cold is cold, 男人更性感the occurrence of the mouth Cape aridity and open wound.

Baby get the quarrel blaze, the civil in common use following method carries on a treatment and there is certain effect.

1.Wash mouth Cape infected part with the rice soup, everyday 3 times.

2.Clean quarrel infected part with thin brine, after needing stem in advance grind into the vitamin B2s of powder to spread on the quarrel, after meal and sleep ex- one for each, take effect for general 3 days.

When the quarrel debauched long term not more, should send to hospital hospital treatment, the reasonable uses anti-virus medicine under the doctor’s instruction,核桃紅參炖鹧鸪 the in order to prevent causes disruption a condition

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