nursing book

Know “poisonous side effect” of nursing book
Example a:In the book says a female milk to is the most nutritive food to the infant, should make the baby eat female milk more.My canned milk is very good, so should with the female milk feed to keep for lord, etc. baby half year old hereafter again add to assist a food.

Order to review:Because the infant grows up,這樣的果汁喝了便秘the human milk quantity that absorbs every day also corresponds to increase, but secretes for a day of female milk have great capacity invite at 800 milliliters of or so, the nourishment composition provided by it has already canned not satisfy a baby to grow to develop of need.Take thermal energy as an example, 4-6 babies of months need 700-900 kilocalories every day, but 800 milliliters of 80%s that can provide 560 kilocalories, only can satisfy the thermal energy needed.So infant from 4 months after, in spite of the female milk feed to keep, a bottle feeding still a mixture should add for baby to assist a food in time to feed to keep.

Example two:In the book says that the 3-month-old kid should have 14 catties, can my baby just 12 catty, whether Be getting thinner too much?

Order to review:The data that announces according to World Health Organization:The baby of age March, the baby boy’s normal weight should between 4.1~7.7 kilograms,百歲老人都愛吃什麽 according to this standard range, your baby’s weight is normal.

Example three:The in the book says that the baby sleeps not feel is lack calcium, child in my house goes to bed always not dependable, affirmation was to lack calcium.

Order to review:Come to say to the baby whom the female milk feeds to keep, if going to bed is always not dependable, at expeled a paroxysm factor outside, should first consideration whether the female milk is ample.Judge the female milk ample index sign to have several followings:The infant has a contented and happy facial expression after sucking at breast and respond intelligent;The infant changes a diaper every day 6 or so, move bowels to present the golden color paste form 1~3 times every day;Infant’s weight increases every day on the average 150 grams of or so, full moon want to increase to be 600 grams of above.

Example four:The morning of the baby gets up lips to obviously and very do, and still a cough, I doubt BE”last fire, but I see in the book say, the purely female milk feeds to keep of the baby don’t need to drink water.

Order to review:Theoretically speak, the purely female milk feeds to keep of the baby generally can’t appear “last fire”, but this important cause person, because of but difference.For example the baby catches a cold to have a fever, have to repair water for baby at this time, this because water contains the function to regulate body temperature, body water shortage after, produce hot and spread hot will lose balance, and water can also promote the metabolism in the body, the benefit is poisonous at the row.Again for example, our country some region winter the weather is very dry, and very blazing hot then in summer, should also repair water for baby in time at this time.Water is the main composition of cell, the age is more young, the fat organization in the body is more little,海帶降血脂 the comparison of humidity also more big, the water content in the infant body is 70%~75%, healthy everyday of infant water of the depletion is about 10% of weight~15%, so say that should just the right amount give the baby the drinking

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