production sale and usage

The food additive picks and gets rid of 33 kinds of products to forbid production sale and usage
The national quality checked a bureau to release to announce recently, since this very day, forbade to wait 33 kinds of products as the food additive production, sale and usage to the Qian radicle benzene A sour C ester.

According to the health department 《concerning<food additive usage standard>(GB2760-2011)concerning problem of reply 》,到會服務the national quality checks a bureau to decide since this very day, the quality technical director bureau in each province no longer accepts the food additive production of 33 kinds of products to admit an application and includes to food antiseptic of the Qian radicle benzene A sour C ester etc. among them, two oxidize a chlorine etc. the food is used a disinfection.Already approval of production admit certificate, from take charge of section recall and log off, and completed before December 20 this year.

According to understanding, 33 kinds of products involves benzene A the sour C ester is to the Qian radicle, to Qian radicle benzene AN is sour C ester sodium salt and Mao benzene Mi Shi and time chloric acid sodium, two oxidize a chlorine, lead to oxidize hydrogen and lead oxygen acetic acid and chlorination phosphoric acid three sodium, 12 alkyl benzene Huang sour sodium, 12 alkyl Huang sour sodium, 1-C Chun, 4-chlorine benzene oxygen acetic acid sodium, 6-Xia radicle adenine, single ether An, two chlorine different Mao cyanotype uric acid sodium, Vaseline and Huo sour calcium aluminum and amber sour Hang, F two sour, F two sour Hang, formaldehyde and burnt phosphoric acid four potassiums, urea, three ether An, 12 alkyl two A radicle the bromine turns An(the new Jie Er puts out),美食到會 iron powder, five carbon the double shrink Quan, sulfurous acid An, oxidize iron, silver, sour oil, fat Chun Mao An and fat ether sodium sulfate.

At the same time, all food additive production business enterprises forbid Learning Chinese to produce 33 kinds of above-mentioned products, already the forbiding of production is a food additive factory sale.Food’s producing a business enterprise all can not use as well.

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