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China Youth Daily reporter recently went to Qujing investigate this

two hundred million yuan almost all the land sales proceeds

the developers did not build on the located in the downtown area Qujing area of ​​about 281.91 acres, is Qujing one of the key landmark projects.

the plot of land acquired from the army reserve center, on December 17, 2009 to sell by tender.

in Qujing Municipal People’s Government and Shenzhen Oriental Land Co., developer of the limited liability company some form of financial support given by way of reward for supporting the project of urban infrastructure construction.

Qujing City Department of Finance reporter access to the

In this report, the total cost of the land plots of about 414 million yuan. 683 million yuan of their land, minus the total cost of 414 million yuan, about 269 million yuan net income, minus 9% should be turned over to the province’s net income, net income was actually city Qujing 246,712,000 yuan.

Qujing City Deputy Mayor in charge of the Municipal Finance Bureau, said the reported pieces of

ratio is different. In 2006, the State Council issued All income paid into the local treasury, spending all the budget through local fund revenue from the land transfer be arranged to introduce radical Set up at the local treasury special accounts, special accounts, land transfer revenues and expenditures,

This bid is below 600 million yuan on the other without the successful bidder is obviously unfair.

Qujing outreach office, according to the staff, although the signature of a general nature asked the Bureau. Reporters repeatedly to Qujing Construction Bureau, the office staff told Wu is responsible for this project outside of the meeting, Deputy Secretary, not to be interviewed.

project is not completed, how do you know If construction is completed there is surplus, how to deal with? The problem has no answer.


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