and running the boiler . Mission in 2012

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports: Today, the Navy Network November 18, 2011 article that, according to official Russian reports Machinery Factory in northern Russia for the conversion of India , upgrading the system work .

addition to the construction of nuclear submarines, modified So far , the aircraft ‘s main propulsion has been assembled and tested for the steam , the same time, the propulsion system of mooring trials are underway .

the carrier every day hundreds of experts at work , including the main plant of the test berth No. 55 team had 200. In order to accelerate and complete the work efficiently in early 2011 , Northern Machinery Factory for the production structure adjustment , and set up a workshop in the temporary

In addition , a lot of construction work to increase staff, especially managers, all teams are working at full capacity . This year, the North carried out in an orderly mechanical factory work and the timely completion of the annual construction program . But in the next month and a half years this year , there is still a lot of work . For example , in the In November, the carrier plans to supply fuel , and running the boiler . Mission in 2012, the mooring trials have been completed sea trials will be spring next year . (China Shipping Information Center Shiwen Jiang )


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