driving a coal car just a few kilometers away

The evening of October 27 to 28 at 1 pm, a coal reaching the territory of Yu County , Shanxi Lan County and were stopped by traffic police drivers were charged 100 yuan and 50 yuan , the release will not open any documents . Reporter shot after traffic police found Yuxian grab the camera , and later November 21 , CCTV broadcast the report , the Ministry of Public Security sent a team to the local inspectors . First of two counties in Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau decided to persons responsible for such removal , and investigation.

traffic stretched a finger 100 yuan

>> Lan County

10 27, CCTV reporter traveling in Shaanxi Shenmu driving a coal truck driver , Shandong , Shanxi vehicle through the channel into the territory of coal , found arbitrary institution card , fines, and arbitrary collection of fees three arbitrary state highways prohibited behavior still exists. Along Highway 313 , drivers and old Guo Xiaohua driving coal trucks at 17:00 on October 27 to enter the territory of Shanxi Lan County , replace old Guo Xiaohua the driver to continue driving , driving a coal car just a few kilometers away , old Guo suddenly slowed down the speed .


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