until the 14th of this month

BEIJING, Nov. 23, according to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong Kowloon Hospital, a major medical. A 73-year-old suffering from throat cancer and stroke male patients, received in June after throat surgery, tracheostomy is necessary to assist breathing. Kowloon Hospital patients during the stable condition, until this month, 14 am, suddenly found no heartbeat and pulse, died a final death.

hospital survey found, patients are covered by gauze stoma, routinely only paper tape affixed to the top of the gauze to be fixed, but the sides are dead gauze 4 tape affixed to live, have the opportunity to lead a patient’s breathing is not smooth. HA does not recognize the proper care, but the cause of death undetermined whether related to this, the event will be referred to the Coroner’s Court for investigation. Hospital admitted care during the patient’s family had

HA 22 A 73-year-old male patient suffering from throat cancer on June 9 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for removal of throat surgery, doctors at the same time to open tracheostomy to assist their breathing. June 13, right side paralysis stroke patients, and hospital treatment in Iraq continue to go to Kowloon Hospital 23 patients continue to receive care. From the June 24 to November 8, the patient was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 4 degrees treatment, until the 14th of this month, his condition has remained stable. However, in the early morning of November 14, staff found that he suddenly no heartbeat and pulse, died dead.

Kowloon Hospital Chief Executive Officer Zhang Guangyu, said the investigation began after care program found an error. He pointed out that in order to avoid patients with cervical debris into the throat stoma, health care workers will be covered with a gauze in the stoma, and gauze and tape securely affixed to the paper. Xiong Zhi, director of the Hospital Authority Kowloon Central Cluster, said Tim, the paper tape will normally attached to the gauze at the top, leaving space to facilitate medical suction, but the staff is from November 8 to 14 days without proper 4 side of the adhesive plaster gauze, practices have the opportunity to smooth the patient is not breathing.

hospital said the patient during his hospital stay, the family had made The hospital will investigate this matter and apologize to the family members again. Zhang Yuguang stressed that the patient’s death being undetermined whether the improper care procedures related to the incident involving more than 20 health care workers is not suspended. He also acknowledged that, Kowloon Hospital, 22 Hospital before the accident report, an independent accident investigation team will soon find out the truth, if negligence was found to cause an accident, will make punishment.

ENT Department of Surgery University of Hong Kong Professor Emeritus Yuan Baorong said breathable gauze strong, even if completely covered tracheostomy, the patient choked to death is very low, estimated that the patient died due to other diseases. He noted that nursing procedures are not appropriate, the responsibility of the whole team, no reason for more than 20 health care workers are not aware,

Hong Kong Nurses Association Chairman and Health Services of the Legislative Council Joseph refers, delirious patients have the opportunity to get the stoma, the nurse will be affixed with adhesive tape and more number of edges fixed gauze, gauze, but he believes the high permeability, the patient can not breathe. He believes that this problem is the patient’s family has been questioned, and improve health care but did not solvable asked, urging HA carefully investigate the cause.


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