Shantou and Foshan City Shunde District

Yangcheng Evening News and a half -day meeting of the province to deepen structural reforms closing 23 in Shantou . CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang attended the meeting. Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Zhu Xiaodan concluding speech at the meeting . Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Xiao Zhiheng chaired the meeting . Zhang , Chen Chi , Lei Yulan , forest sound, Xu Shangwu , attended the meeting . Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Shantou and Foshan City Shunde District, responsible person made ​​a statement.

Zhu Xiaodan noted that this meeting has four main aspects of the harvest : First, to further enhance the deepening of reform of responsibility and urgency ; the second is a clear system of Guangdong to deepen reform ideas and key tasks ; three is a summary of the exchange system reform in Guangdong good experience and good practices; four key reform is to improve the policies and measures .

Zhu Xiaodan stressed that at present , the provincial government on deepening the reform objectives and tasks have been clear , the next key is to implement the plan, and strive to further establish and improve the scientific development of institutional mechanisms to make new real breakthrough and progress . First, we must quickly convey and implement the spirit of the conference to do the work , the formation of the province makes a concerted effort to further deepen the reform consensus and action. Second, we must focus the work , focus on three key reforms to achieve new breakthroughs . We must concentrate on improving the implementation and introduction of three major reform program , efforts to promote transformation of government functions , to seize the key to push forward the three key reforms. Third, we must focus on improving the socialist market economic system, pay close attention to the introduction of economic reform , Guangdong Province, Fourth, we must earnestly and steadily push forward boldly explore combine to promote the reform to achieve new results. The one hand, the courage to boldly explore the active and innovative ; the other hand, good local conditions , steadily push forward . Fifth, we must pay close attention to the implementation of inspection and supervision to ensure deepen the reform of the work impossible. To strengthen the organization and coordination , we will focus on supervision and inspection, evaluation, reward and punishment mechanisms do a good job , good job summing up and publicity.


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