the bus reform year after year

Bus reform difficult, much public attention. However, the relevant departments under the State Council recently issued two documents gave the

11 19, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments jointly issued a document, official party and government organs to further reduce the car’s purchase price, clearly not over 1.8 liters displacement required , the price is not more than $ 180,000. Lower than the previous standard of 2 million.

11 21, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published official vehicles of social reform.

bus reform from the start date of the last century, This conveys a signal: Bus Reform ice soon?

Vehicles have changed 17 years, how much progress?

From 1994 CPC Central Committee and State Council jointly issued Party and government organs and the use of cars with the provisions of the management, If the official launch of 2003 However, the bus reform year after year, seems to have been hanging Overstaffed with cars, Gongjusiyong, the wheels of corruption still going strong.

According to the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission and National Bureau of Statistics survey data, government agencies and administrative units of official vehicles of more than 2 million total annual spending 150 billion yuan of public service vehicles to 2000 million, not including hospitals, schools, state-owned enterprises, the army and overstaffed with cars, purchase of official vehicles per year growth rate of expenses more than 20%.

Throughout the vehicles have changed the course of nine consecutive years in the National People’s Congress on the reform of the National People’s Congress called for the bus, Ye Qing, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Bureau of Statistics analysis, waste is mainly reflected in three bus : the first is to buy links, there are super-prepared, over the use of standard problems. Followed by the use of links, Gongchesiyong serious. A survey shows that there is a bus with Finally, the maintenance part. Authoritative research results show that only some units a year a bus maintenance costs as high as 10 million yuan, a year or even actually replace some of the bus more than 40 tires per week for one, in which vulnerabilities can be imagined .

reform is urgently needed since the bus, and cried for 17 years, why the government procurement is still ranked in the top three car?

Municipal People’s Congress of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress Cheng science program and budget committee members be admitted that the perpetrators of the bus itself is the vested interests of reform, which is not open around the problem.

through many years of observation, Yeh resistance to reform the bus summarized as two points: use the bus. The second is security theory, many people think, something more like the leading cadres, and work and driving, unsafe. reforms difficult to implement. For example, Amount of subsidies from 300 yuan to 2600 yuan per month. According to local statistics, the vehicles have changed, the bus costs have decreased for three consecutive years spending more than 30%.

Huizhou police Politics units recently launched cars are also popular with Internet users in favorable changes, specific practices are: compressed vehicle body, with strong grass-roots vehicle, cancel the cadres of non-police car and car, according to the rank of each different the monthly payment ranging from 500-2800 yuan of public transportation. After calculation and demonstration vehicles have changed after the police car ownership PUC authority will cut 59%.

where the amount of subsidies are still down space.

still suffer from

in Yeh seems monetization model is the general direction of change around the car. However, vary widely across the country, in the end how much subsidy the right, should be unified by the central authorities issued guidance.

two sessions this year, Yeh proposed subsidy program of their own design: the areas of civil servants around the 20% subsidy to 30 per cent.

Serious situation facing the proliferation of the bus, how to apply the reform of the New Deal?

Correspondent noted that regulations clearly states: super-prepared, super standard of public service vehicles, vehicles in violation of regulations or with donation accepted off-road vehicles, to increase high-end luxury interior configuration or official vehicles, official cars by the level of government authorities to recover and process.

how to distinguish between public or private vehicles, how regulators Gongjusiyong, what punishment is most concerned about Internet users.

suspension Not only convenient for people to participate in supervision, and off the bus for personal affairs can effectively monitor the situation.

bus reform agenda which involves only one sentence. step, ice is expected.

However, Zheng Xue-ding is not so optimistic. The so-called social reform, is to remove the unit with the car, the implementation of the bus rental. This is also called the car for many years to change his pattern. However, the use of regulations is The New Deal, the attitude is not enough firm. determined according to Zheng

study the idea of ​​bus reform, the reform should first determine the country bus and all in place step by step timetable. Furthermore, according to the degree of regional economic development step by step implementation. Third, to determine the bus the proportion of total expenditure of funds, the figures to be qualified. Finally, the bus is not yet implemented the reform of the place, make clear that the implementation of the most stringent management system to facilitate public participation and supervision.

This is a great mistake. Bus reform is one thing, the car changed the implementation is another matter. If difficult to implement because the car does not change, they are wrong. Bus reform program is not guaranteed. Take operability, the people have the habit of that, Gongchesiyong about no big deal, and no access to money, not a good punishment. However, after the implementation of different regulations, subsidies went to non-compliance if the car holding a bus, on an economic problem is corruption, you can deal with accordingly.


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