the border town of Tengchong County

At 23:06 on November 28 , 5.1 earthquake occurred China-Burma border . When the earthquake occurred , the Yunnan -Burma border adjacent to Mans , Yingjiang , Tengchong and other places have felt.

According to the China earthquake measuring , at 23:06 on November 28 , China-Burma border, 5.1 earthquake epicenter was located 25.1 degrees north latitude , 97.6 degrees east longitude , focal depth of 7 km . Seismological Bureau of Yunnan

Reporters learned from the earthquake epicenter is located in Myanmar , Yunnan Province Yingjiang county epicenter about 57 kilometers, about 15 kilometers from the Chinese border , earthquake, regional population density. Earthquake occurs, two towns in northwest Yingjiang clearly felt . Currently , Dali and Kunming in Yunnan Seismological Bureau were sent from two working groups rushed to Yingjiang .

earthquake occurs, correspondent is the capital of Yunnan Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture Mans 10th floor of a downtown hotel room , the room suddenly felt a noticeable side to side, lasted about five seconds. Subsequently , many people ran outdoors. About half an hour after meals to avoid the crowd has dispersed , well-ordered city .

Tengchong county propaganda Mengxue Wei , vice minister , said there was a slight tremor was felt in Tengchong county , the people living a normal life . By phone about the disaster , the border town of Tengchong County, the disaster did not happen .


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