but the year also increased the number of aviation accidents .

Xinhua Montreal, Canada, December 7 (Reporter Shi Li Zhang Dacheng ) , said the ICAO 7 , 2010 show signs of recovery in the global aviation industry , but the year also increased the number of aviation accidents .

ICAO headquarters in Montreal, published its was expected that this figure will reach 52 million times .

But the report also pointed out that commercial flights in 2010 the number of accidents to 121 cases, compared with 113 the previous year’s increase . Reported that the aircraft take off and landing runway occurred during the accident was a major part of aviation accidents , accounting for 59% of the number of accidents .

ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin said the same day , the aviation industry is still relatively safe in all transport . With the continuous development of the global aviation industry , in particular, require the parties to work together to reduce accidents .

ICAO is a United Nations specialized agencies , established in 1944, its mission is to develop civil aviation safety , security , efficiency and environmental protection standards and regulations , and promote global civil aviation safety and orderly development of


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