Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill occurred more than six months

Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill occurred more than six months, the fishermen have a claim for ConocoPhillips, when the litigation, ConocoPhillips 16, has said that basically there is no evidence of oil spill impact on the environment.

Gaosuibuyou Thailand ConocoPhillips above statement is in the Yesterday, the

Oil spill incident, ConocoPhillips, respectively in July and August, held a news conference, followed by ConocoPhillips to carry out a number of stakeholders with small-scale exchange. Environmental organizations, Environmental Research Center, the public was invited to Ma Jun, the person in charge with ConocoPhillips December 8 for the exchange.

ConocoPhillips said the international media for the oil spill did not affect the behavior of the environment, Ma questioned, said: contribution, and now how to make inconsistent statements it? took place in June this year, two oil spills caused by the pollution of the Bohai Sea water is no need to argue the facts.

Ma told reporters that the Bohai Sea is a semi-enclosed seas, with an average depth of only 20 meters, the environmental impact of oil spill on the Bohai Sea is a more serious harm. Moreover, the oil spills caused by oil-based mud has not yet been cleared by the impact on the environment will be a long time. He said ConocoPhillips public hide the first, and often misleading statements in the post, but repeated attempts to evade its commitment to the ecological damage and loss of farming and other economic interests, its credibility has been lost.

In fact, it is easy to see ConocoPhillips with 16 the previous remarks are quite contradictory public statements. September 6, ConocoPhillips said it would fund the establishment of Bohai Bay, according to China’s relevant laws and assume due responsibility and benefit the overall environment of Bohai Bay. ConocoPhillips Chairman and CEO Muhuai Li said at the time:

As Laoting County, Hebei Province, 107 fishermen to bring 490 million yuan ConocoPhillips financial compensation attorney, Zhao Wei of ConocoPhillips 16 comments saying: not to Conoco’s will, but will make the identification of authority prevail.

Previously, Zhao Wei have been the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture applied for government information. State Oceanic Administration, Government Information answer book shows, Penglai 19-3 oil field oil spill Leting County, Hebei Province, has been farming in the area surrounding land. Ministry of Agriculture, Office of the reply letter also ruled out by the known bacteria, parasites and viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause mass mortality of aquatic products, confirmed the red tide, oil pollution and other factors may cause the fish’s long stagnation and death.


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