Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630

Xinhua Kunming, December 20 (reporter Ji Zhepeng ) reporter from the relevant departments that Zhaotong City , 20 at around 7 , Zhao Yi at the secondary road K29 +630 , due to water seepage caused by ice mountains collapse , causing traffic congestion . Currently , work is underway to reopen , no casualties reported , is expected to be reopened around 15:00 .

It is understood that after the collapse Zhaotong municipal government immediately organized the construction team , mechanical , and timely repair of the collapsed body of the PAT . At the same time , local traffic police department is also first at the scene to maintain traffic order , ensure that blocked vehicles and drivers and passengers safe .

Zhaotong secondary roads linking Zhaoyang Zhao Yi , Yiliang , mark three counties , a total length of 91.678 km , full capacity in December 2009 , the end of August this year, opened to traffic .


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