Zhaocheng Sheng

Truck hit the carriage containing 24 students 2 dead 23 injured caused

21 日 12 45PM, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Qiubei County trucks carrying 24 students and the coach collided, killing two students were killed and 23 injured. Department of Education is responsible for the county’s deputy director of school safety actually alleging an interview, or walk children to school safer.

Zhaozheng Heng Zhao Zhengjuan and sister had died on the spot in the village school, old school converted last year, they were diverted to distant cat red primary. Parents have found the school to the schools bus children to rent, cost-sharing by parents. However, parents are looking for Education, the school, parents do not know how to do, think of a way to rent took the second carriage. Parents find Zhang Hong, agreed to the price of 60 dollars per person per month by Zhang Hong carriages pick up the child.

run in accordance with the usual carriage routes to school, with a total distance of about 5 km, of which nearly 1 km to generic carbon road, there are nearly 1 km away from the Shizong before the old road to the north Qiu . Adults walk takes about 40 minutes, the students walk to school, take three hours a day.

dialogue Qiubei County Board of Education deputy director Zhao Chengsheng

yesterday afternoon, Qiubei County Board of Education. Responsible for school safety from the Deputy Secretary Zhao Chengsheng Wenshan hospital back.

Reporter: Qiubei County school car?

Zhao Chengsheng: counties Qiubei County is not equipped with any school bus.

Reporter: Have you been to school cats red do? Seen or heard of the carriage as the school bus thing? The children go to school accident forty-five km, with a school bus that is not how to go to school?

Zhaocheng Sheng: The last time I rushed to the cat primary in 2009. Never seen, never heard of the things the students pull the carriage. According to reality, or walking children to school safer.

Reporter: Recently, more than national school bus accidents occur, it carried out Qiubei County school bus safety inspection?

Zhao Chengsheng: county government, formed a school bus safety inspection team, a comprehensive examination over school bus safety problems.

Reporter: You do not have the county school bus, school bus safety inspection group of major check?

Zhaocheng Sheng: The main examination have engaged in illegal private car pull to send the case of students, once found all banned.

Reporter: Since it is a comprehensive inspection, it should’ve been red cat primary school, are no heard?

Zhao Chengsheng: We have not been to check the cat primary red school bus safety.

Reporters: how can they say now never been a comprehensive examination?

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