because it works with more sky satellite communications. It is such as forests

China yesterday to open its domestic civilian areas of satellite navigation systems to the U.S. global dominance in the field challenged.

The central government said that although the Beidou system has not yet completed, but it has proven its in enhancing China’s military, technological and economic strength of the value.

China’s satellite navigation system management office RAN Cheng in Beijing yesterday announced its Beidou system signal in space interface control document. Access to the file are limited to long-term PLA and some have a government-backed companies, but now people are even able to use the service of the Beidou.

Ran bearing its said that an independent satellite navigation system for China’s national security is very important. Without such a system, this country can not call themselves big and strong. He said, opening the field to the civil system will also help the economy.

If a navigation device can use multiple navigation system signals, it can start faster and run more reliable, more accurate, because it works with more sky satellite communications. It is such as forests, mountains and high-rise buildings of the city such as Hong Kong and other non-open environment is particularly useful.

Government recognizes the Beidou system is currently used in three of the most inaccurate satellite navigation system – the first civilian accuracy of 25 meters, after next year will launch more satellites up to 10 meters; but it also provides a unique emergency services – - SMS Service. Ran Cheng the said:

U.S. News: new means of discouraging U.S. Navy

[United States,

Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system is not as people think, as with the U.S. Global Positioning System as accurate. However, according to Eric Hager special and Matthew Durning published in October in the United States,

They wrote: have identified at sea, tracking and combat ships of the basic capabilities.

The system will give the Chinese military a global positioning system alternative. The latter is developed by the Pentagon and still controlled by the U.S. government. In theory, the United States in the event of conflict prohibit or deny other countries access to the system, even though they say has never done so.

Military experts as the Chinese Beidou system over the past 15 years, the U.S. Navy to deny or prevent conflict in the case of trying to interfere in China's coastal waters into the part of the effort. Beidou system with other satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and related technologies in combination, to help track the U.S. ships, submarines and other positioning their ships, and to guide anti-ship ballistic missile against the target.

The system also received the Chinese territorial disputes to those of neighboring countries with a significant tactical advantage.


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