China has chosen the larger

In 2011, the Chinese Air Force is a special year. This year, the Internet, in various media, are talking about the Chinese J-20 fighters turned out. F-20 online discussion and concern, is the users who love our country and the army, a strong manifestation of patriotism.


The terms of combat capability, F-35 and J20, compared to which more powerful?

Liao Zou baby: I think these two models developed from the beginning, the goal should be to set it there is a difference. For example, F-35, F-22 as it is level with the models. First break each other’s air defense network, opened by the F-22 was launched to carry out. Next is a comparison of a large number of F-35, passed in droves flutter, overwhelming the ground targets destroyed. Should be so conceived. Our goal should be directed at J20.

First, the air is the F-22, so the corresponding F-22 special operations, its characteristics, its functions, J20 is certainly against it.

Second, J20 can take an important goal against other major air.

Third, it can be important targets for ground attack. So this function more fully as heavy fighter, F-35 still can not afford, I think the main difference here.

F-20 fighter photos small, the disclosure of photographs from the point of view, it is so special?

Fu Sentinel: From the photo, such a shape of things, it is with the U.S. F-22, the Russian T-50, there are substantial layout area, and that two aircraft, with tail-style layout, J20 using pressure-type the layout. After the end of the use of layout, greater use of stealth, the use of pressure-type layout, both stealth and high speed flight.


national defense.

- Air Force experts Fu outpost

F35 and F-20 race: Asian sky into the


Speaking Asian fighter in the past quite a long time, basically the United States and the Soviet Union fighter aircraft split the world. China, India, equipped with a large number of Soviet fighters, Japan, Korea and other countries are equipped with a large number of American fighters. With the F35 fighter candidate to become Japan’s next-generation units, the Chinese J-20, turned out to Asia, the sky is entering a new


Changes in the pattern of the Asian fighter what the trend, or the emergence of the Asian fighter J20 what impact the market?

Fu outpost: J20 fighter appeared on the Asian market with great vibration, regardless of South Korea, Japan has a plan until ready to dress a new generation of fighter aircraft, what aircraft are certified research, J20 occurred, aviation equipment, a significant impact of structural adjustment. Fighters and equipment from the past situation in the entire Asian market is basically two factions, with American and Soviet-style. Asian countries, because our country is the first production jet fighter, J5, 1956 年 out, is the first production fighter phoneme surplus countries J6, J7. More advanced is Japan, which has been introduced at different stages of the American fighters, their own production. South Korea and India, mainly by buying, rather than the introduction of production, from the industrial development capacity in terms of some weaker.

Stage into the next century, Asian countries can be seen in the aviation industry to increase investment, production capacity of all ability relevant. The most typical in China, other countries like Japan, India, Korea, and even the Pakistani state. Begin with self-developed or developed in cooperation with others ability. Production models are currently more advanced, basically able to produce three generations of machines.

Future of China’s skies should be the main fighter J10 and J20 fighter is it? So to understand?

Ge Lide: China has chosen the larger, flying leopard, JH-7 is definitely the future, one of the major combat equipment, as well as F-11, in a long time, but also bear the more important tasks.

Fu outpost: three generations of aircraft attack and defense, prevention and control of operations or air operations, J10, J20, JH-7 offensive operations, a tactical aircraft on it. J10 with J20 is not with the relationship. With the development of aviation industry and aviation technology capabilities, with the future should not be the case. J10 in the end because it is three generations of machines, with four generations of machines with, now has a gap. I think in the future if possible, we will develop medium-sized stealth fighter.


- Air Force experts Fu outpost


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