practical use of nuclear weapons North Korea may be close

British Reuters quoted a senior U.S. 28 expert analysis, practical use of nuclear weapons North Korea may be close , short-range missiles carrying nuclear bombs with the deterrence .

Former senior expert Larry the U.S. Congress ? Nike Shi believes that North Korea may be only one to two years will be able to produce enough highly enriched uranium , and to achieve miniaturization of nuclear weapons , nuclear warheads, which will be integrated into range ballistic missiles , which will effectively balance the United States and its allies on the Korean form of overwhelming conventional military situation . Nike Shi basis mainly from North Korea and Pakistan sharing nuclear and missile technology, investigation, he claimed that Pakistan’s the Nike Shi believes that North Korea seems received in May 1998, Pakistan conducted nuclear tests

Nike Shi speculated that North Korea may first nuclear warheads deployed technology is relatively mature ,

However, the Brookings Institution researcher Jonathan ? Pollack believes that AQ ? Khan, the information provided on North Korea ‘s nuclear weapons development may not be much help , North Korea still needs its own solution Former U.S. Los ? Alamos National Laboratory head Siegfried ? Haeckel said that North Korea make sure nuclear weapons may soon achieve practical . ▲ (


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