cover a broad range

The Pentagon announced a new U.S. military strategy assessment report, the next 10 years, defense spending will be reduced from the This is a contraction of the overall strategy, but the Asia-Pacific a more prominent position. Pentagon officials said, the strategic adjustment of the main target is Iran and China.

This strategic adjustment of the United States should make us more conscious. The United States has been China’s strategic lock can not be changed, the development of China-US relations for the details of efforts to offset the rise of China has been impossible to bring America’s great anxiety. U.S. friendship with China in the future, we use only the strength of

The history of Sino-US game beyond any experience, globalization and Sino-US economic relations tightly wound, so that the United States can not implement a real sense of China’s strategic encirclement. The United States to contain China to crack more easily. China needs as the situation changes, the strategy will deal with the U.S. diplomatic strategy of containment is set to one of the most important goals, external forces can be united as unity, at least to some extent to ensure that the United States on strategic initiatives.

As China’s national strength and interests of the face are growing rapidly, we do not need to become the United States against all China’s diplomatic work, but other directions of cooperation or struggle, for we should not deal with the U.S. grand strategy resulting in substantial interference. This is not only China’s diplomats to keep in mind, the Chinese public must also have full see through and understand.

The strategic adjustment of the U.S. once again remind us that Iran is important for China. Whether we like it or not that country, its existence and to maintain the current foreign policy posture are important constraints on the formation of the United States. Chinese society and culture must not follow the American social and political value judgments, to determine the likes and dislikes of Iran.

U.S. to contain China’s development of anti-access capabilities offshore, as a focus of the strategic adjustment. China is also no need to engage in a tit for tat strategy, but it really should take some action, increasing the difficulty of containing the United States to do this. In addition, China to moisten things silently continued to ring out the United States to push the game to enhance long-range military strike capability, the development of more deter U.S. military targets. China to use the fact that the United States recognizes that China’s rise could not cover its hand, and friendly to China for U.S. interests to achieve the most effective and most cost-effective.

Strategic relations with the United States Department of China’s future and destiny of the general policies of some countries there is a chance to adjust the bias, but a significant deviation of U.S. policy, it means that China took the wrong road. Therefore, China to the United States must not be impulsive, can not be clinging to stereotypes, with fantasy instead of reality.

In the United States to do a comprehensive plan ahead, we should see that China’s rapid economic rise of China and the U.S. is by far the biggest change in the balance of power thrust, it is also America’s most worried about the most overwhelming, and finding fault from the point here is also directly at least. Unlike China’s development of military power, we have an excuse to suppress the outside world a lot. U.S. economy to stay in the game longer, cover a broad range, the better for China.

Reflects the economic strength of the United States each rise and fall of the But military and political, will always be interrupted or reversed We will have to beware of is the U.S. doing this to interrupt or reverse. Of course, we want to prevent a new Cold War United States, but to avoid the security perimeter of Chinese to give up in exchange for peace of mind to do in Asia, the U.S. price. It is also the Chinese New Cold War bad


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