the Poyang Lake protracted predatory of resources inning. By 1997

January 4, Xinhua Xinhua Nanchang (Low water level behind the dry, worrying development is the phenomenon of wanton vandalism worsening authorities by conservative estimates, the waters of Poyang Lake on the occupation of mu. Who is

Fill in around the big lake, Poyang Lake

Vast lake basin water, biodiversity, Lake become the world’s most important wintering area for migratory birds and wetland areas, is one of the most important of the Yangtze River flood regulation and storage devices. But now the Jiangxi

Poyang Lake is located in the core area of ​​the Western Waterfront DUCHANG Nanshan, facing the waters of Lake mountain pine doors, some of the mountain was split, bulldozers and earth-moving vehicles will be next to the mountain rocks or construction debris, fill in the dry Lake Lake bed; around the lake around the dam is being commercial real estate construction. Local introduction, including the Western Waterfront, including about 400 acres of park land around the lake and filling the proceeds.

Across the lake with the stars DUCHANG County more good fight By the construction of West Lake Avenue and back to Ma Cai Ling Ling highway connector project opportunities, bulldozers continue to push the new soil to the lake bed, fill around the lake, the construction of Lake Avenue and Lake Park – River Park ramp. Hedong Village near the town of White Deer, said: This makes you sad toss!

Waters of Lake Poyang Lake wetland beads main lake, Poyang County, Reporters saw the mountain was split filled a small bay; and much thirty-four storey villas being constructed, supporting the development of leisure and tourism sites also accounted for part of the lake … …

Jiangxi Province, land, water conservancy, fishery and other departments are, in recent years, some local governments have not been approved in the case of long-term use of low water level of Poyang Lake is conducive to the construction characteristics, by reclaiming land from lakes, filling the lake made to the development and construction, etc. , by conservative estimates, the waters of Poyang Lake on the occupation of mu, and getting worse.

, continuous low water level of Poyang Lake, the ecological environment has been seriously affected. These occupation,

Made to make money as a

Lake waters

2001 According to the State Council in December 2009 formally approved the of At present, the Poyang Lake has been filled out and occupy the waters of Lake Branch of the basic height of 22.48 meters in the Wusong within.

Poyang lake wading through the water department for approval to the project. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Water Resources Laws and Regulations Department official said: departments around the lake on the lake’s filling the phenomenon had to rectify, but soon on the

So who is condoned, even as

Indicators of more intense land use, and potential development land lake against the backdrop of high prices, many eyes will be locked in place Lake waters.

DUCHANG waterfront development and construction of the Western Leading Group Office of the responsible person believes that the current more stringent protection of arable land, land lightly touch the red line is not good, although filling the lake around the lake have some impact on the ecology, but also make money making filling the local land development tensions and solve financial difficulties as a

Local people but also to the correspondent calculations: DUCHANG through West total development investment.

And some governments around the lake along the lake shoreline to consolidate, build parks, landscaping, land prices have pushed up the lake. Xingzi County town of White Deer Ridge mill village east village close to the oblique Cai River Park, surrounded by lakes filling the Xiudi stable shoreline, the lake was built landscape park, the lake had no one is interested in the land became the . Beginning in 2009, the village has 100 mu of land to be requisitioned 20,000 yuan per mu, by the government to more than 200 million yuan per mu sold to developers.

Poyang Lake, bull management, is filling the lake around the phenomenon is difficult to contain an important factor. Management of each department involved in the Poyang Lake is only one aspect of the content,

Jiangxi Provincial Land Department official told reporters that the land department is only responsible for land use planning on the next pass up, but they meet the local land use planning can still be filling the lake. But the water department, said: years, until the place will be

People with the Lake

Pernicious. Large lakes in China’s ecological protection, pollution control of Dianchi Lake after ten years, spent about $ 20 billion did not fully recover the ecological environment; old 八百里洞庭, because filling the large-scale development around the lake, after the country’s largest fresh water slide for the second.

Love to wear that Lake had already experienced a ecological catastrophe, and this

After the founding of New China, the Poyang Lake protracted predatory of resources inning. By 1997, reduce the area of ​​natural waters to 3900 square kilometers, more than two thousand kilometers long cut nearly half of the natural shoreline, loss of more than 4.5 billion cubic meters storage capacity, the storage capacity greatly reduced Lake. Ongoing reclamation also directly undermines the lake environment, fish to survive, increased soil erosion. In 1998, the Yangtze River after the catastrophic floods, central and local governments invested 60 billion yuan, in the Poyang Lake area vigorously implement the In 2003, the water area expanded to 5100 square kilometers and recovered to the level of founding of New China.

Many water experts fear, for the restoration of the lake, at all levels of government has spent huge amounts of money Tuitianhuanhu, more than 90 million people will move out of low-lying lakes. Now some places are free to engage in development and construction of reclamation, were then moved to the lake to fight, the early ecological protection

Person in charge of the first expedition of Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences Research Fellow Tan dark, such as that from the long-term consideration, must establish a comprehensive regulatory agencies, centralized management of Poyang Lake, the formation of law enforcement efforts, otherwise, the Poyang Lake is bound to face a new turn The

According to Poyang Lake to the final management of lake levels of government to implement the body. Recommended to protect the integrity of the lake and local government assessment linked to effective way to eliminate condone and even participate in some places around the lake to fill.


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