According to the U.S. Fox News reported on January 5

Global Network reporter Guo Wenjing reported on January 6 last year, the United States in Florida, Cape Canaveral Air Force base in the successful launch of the second aircraft X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle. U.S. Air Force official argument is that the aircraft is to launch a new spacecraft test the various technologies, but on the aircraft by the military capabilities and intentions inherent in speculation never stopped. Recently, an aerospace magazine reported that the United States, X-37B is perhaps in the space station to monitor China’s prototype –

According to the U.S. Fox News reported on January 5, the second aircraft X-37B unmanned space plane on March 5, 2011 launch, but the U.S. Air Force has shouldered its task and return to the mystery of time shut up in silence . Found that unmanned aircraft with China,

) magazine editor David? Baker (David Baker) told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview.


Reports, X-37B aircraft’s initial research and development by the U.S. NASA launched, and later replaced by U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to implement and, eventually, by the Air Force Office of rapid response capability to take over. X-37B’s official purpose is to test new space technology, but there was speculation X-37B contains a potential military capability, Iranian media even called U.S. Secure World Foundation (Secure World Foundation) technical advisor, former U.S. Air Force orbital analyst Brian? Viton quoted on Iranian media often part of this title.

Reported that the Viton suspected X-37B may be used for the manufacture and operation of the United States responsible for the National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite test transmission equipment.

However, Viton and others believe, X-37B and the In this latitude, X-37B only interested in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


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