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Xinhua Beijing January 17 (Reporter Han Jie, Xu Rui) launched a nationwide .

Concern for the community governance Central management of

Compared with the previous, the In this regard, Hou Kai pointed out that

Hou Kai introduction, the Governance is broader, including not only government organs, public institutions, including community groups (including private foundations), the state-owned and state holding enterprises.

At the same time, the specific work for a temporary solution while the powerful pay more attention to the source control, efforts to improve the fundamental policy, establish and improve the prevention and treatment And focused, step by step, to ensure effectiveness. These characteristics determine the treatment continued for three years.

After the specific work report

The Incentives to clear, depending on the nature of the unit, based on verified

Liu Jianhua said that this policy has played a very good effect, the masses have seen the central clearing Three years, the country received 11 138 reports, report 9088 has been verified.

She introduced special treatment is concluded, the central management of The relevant lead department will continue to do according to their respective division of responsibilities and special management reports received during the various pieces of verification, adhere to broaden the reporting channels, to further improve the

At the same time, she pointed out that rewards meritorious officer or unit policy only applies to special treatment period. Central management of

Found that more than 60,000

Three years, special efforts were found

In this regard, Liu Jianhua, in fact, the According to statistics, various localities and departments to a total of three years found that

Liu Jianhua pointed out that according to Any serious self-examination, correct and timely, the responsible units may be lighter, to reduce or exempt from administrative punishment, the persons responsible can be lighter, to reduce or exempt from punishment. Therefore, self-correction found in more than 40,000

In addition, she pointed out that That is a unit of a responsible person may be involved in the establishment of multiple

Liu Jianhua said, promote strong governance.

After three years of continuous treatment, not completely eradicated.

Wu Yuliang that special treatment is concluded, the On the one hand to further deepen reform and efforts to solve control Continue to regulate the civil service allowances and subsidies and deepening of the income distribution system reform and standardize income distribution. Promote the social organization and management system, standardize the management of social organizations.

On the other hand, to further strengthen the regulatory system and focus on fiscal and financial and asset management to plug loopholes. Strengthen the financial budget, bank accounts, cash management. Establish a sound internal control system of administrative units, units of state-owned assets, strengthening the administrative disposition of rental income, conference fees, training fees and costs of labor and other aspects of management. Efforts to crack down on fake invoices. Strengthening of social organizations, state enterprises and the financial institution’s financial management and internal control.

Meanwhile, to further strengthen the education and training, efforts to enhance awareness of compliance with financial discipline of leading cadres. Strengthen supervision, efforts to promote Financial budget and promote public financial disclosure unit, to strengthen their supervision and social supervision, to effectively curb the


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