the maximum range of 245 km

Boris – Orb Nuosuo Fu , senior management staff of the Russian arms manufacturer of tactical missile company disclosed on January 31 , is expected to be completed within two years developed specifically for the Russian T -50 stealth fighter designed tactical missile system . O’Brien Nuosuo Fu told the Russian news agency reporters , Kh- 35UE , the Kh – 38ME , the Kh – 58UShKE and RVV – MD4, different types of missiles are expected to be completed within the next two years to develop , the Kh- 31PD missiles have begun to test and to achieve bulk production.
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In accordance with the company’s statement of tactical missiles , the Kh- 35UE anti – ship tactical missile furthest flying distance of 260 km ; the Kh- 58UShKE missile capable of destroying the pulse radar , the maximum range of 245 km ; RVV -MD – air-to-air short-range missiles to combat a distance of 40 km ; Kh – 31PD supersonic anti-radar missile furthest flying distance of 250 km .

O’Brien Nuosuo Fu T -50 fighter is expected to be delivered in 2014 the Russian Air Force , then, the various models of missiles will be in place .

Developed by Russia’s Sukhoi T -50 stealth fighter , the maximum flight speed of 2100 km , fly continuously for up to 5500 km , is a fifth-generation fighter , located in the Russia says this aircraft can be shoulder to shoulder U.S. F -22 type


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