Iranian media have commented that the domestic nuclear fuel rods

According to Iranian media reported on the 15th day of the Iranian experts will be the first domestic nuclear fuel rods loaded to the Tehran research reactor, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Ahmadinejad attended the loading ceremony; In addition, Iran has produced a new generation used to purify domestic centrifuges to enrich uranium, uranium enrichment facilities at Natanz and on the same day to enable this new type of centrifuge. The analysts believe that a new round of nuclear capability in Iran overwhelmed declared political significance than practical significance.
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According to Iran’s Press TV reported on the 15th, the Iranian experts was the day the first batch of domestic nuclear fuel rods loaded to the Tehran research reactor. Television pictures showed the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Ahmadinejad in Iran, surrounded by officials and scientists, to observe the process of nuclear fuel rods loaded.

Located in north Tehran’s nuclear reactor was built in 1967, the assembly of the 5-megawatt reaction cell, is responsible for providing fuel originally from Argentina. However, the A side in recent years has stopped the supply.

News television reported that the Tehran reactor designed to produce radiopharmaceuticals, and provide treatment for cancer patients. Reported that, despite the West and the United Nations sanctions, but Iran has mastered the nuclear fuel cycle technology.

Iranian students news agency quoted the same day as saying that Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Deputy Secretary of nuclear talks Deputy Representative Bagheri, this approval of the fuel rods developed by Iranian scientists. He said, because Western countries are reluctant to provide Iran with help, Iran began to produce a purity of 20% enriched uranium to produce nuclear fuel rods.

Iranian media have commented that the domestic nuclear fuel rods, loaded to the Tehran reactor means that Iran’s nuclear program a big step forward.

Enabled fourth-generation domestic centrifuge

Iran had produced a new generation of domestic used to purify uranium enrichment centrifuges, and on the same day to enable this new type of centrifuge uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Xiebaxi Da Wani, announced on the 15th.

Iran’s Press TV reports, the fourth generation of centrifuges Iran has independently developed the use of carbon fiber, purification, enriched uranium faster, less waste, accounting for a smaller space at supersonic rotation. Abbasi Da Wani said, enabled the new centrifuge will accelerate Iran’s uranium enrichment activities, which is a strong response to the West

Ahmadinejad – Ahmadinejad on the 15th to attend the opening ceremony of Iran’s new generation of centrifuges Iran has installed 3000 domestic centrifuges at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant new, coupled with previously running 6,000 centrifuges centrifuges number increased to 9000 units. In addition, Iran will build four nuclear reactors in the country for the testing of nuclear fuel and production of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Iranian government also announced on the 15th, Iran will carry out the uranium mine development activities, will start production next year of new uranium Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in December 2010 has said that Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in the production of nuclear industry raw uranium

However, Iran’s domestic media did not mention the same day in Qom province, Sherlock and more uranium enrichment facilities. A number of media previously predicted Ahmadinejad – Ahmadinejad will personally announce Sherlock the multicore facilities officially put into operation.

The Sherlock multicore facility is located 160 km south of Tehran, near the Shiite holy city of Qom, Iran built a second uranium enrichment facility, allegedly capable of producing concentrations of 3.5%, 4% and 20% enriched uranium. The New York Times reported that Sherlock the multicore facilities to a concentration of 4% enriched uranium purification, so that concentrations of 20%, more easy to produce an atomic bomb. Sherlock the multicore facilities officially put into operation, will further increase in Western countries suspect that the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program.

Resumption of nuclear talks reply EU

According to Iran

Reported that the Iraqi side welcomed the six countries prepared to return to nuclear talks, and is ready to resume negotiations with six countries to prepare the next round of talks success depends on the six-nation initiative on Iran, Jalili said in the letter make a constructive response.

Ashton sent a letter to Iran last October, the proposal as long as Iraq is no prerequisite for the six countries and Iran can be in the Since then, Iran has repeatedly expressed its willingness to restore the stagnation of the year the nuclear negotiations with the six countries, but Iraq has not been formal reply to Ashton.

The latest round of nuclear talks between Iran and the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany, the six countries on January 22 last year in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to fundamental differences between the two sides in the uranium enrichment and other issues, the talks did not achieve substantial results.

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Political significance than practical

The analysts believe that a new round of nuclear capability in Iran overwhelmed declared political significance than practical significance. Others questioned the credibility of the progress of Iran’s nuclear program.

Reuters Iran released the news of the progress of the nuclear program, the purpose is to show Western countries, Iraq trade embargo failed to stop Iran’s progress in the development of nuclear energy, to increase Iran a bargaining chip in international negotiations.

Analyst Mark Fitzpatrick of the London Institute of International Strategic Iraq last month, just made into fuel rods, the use of homemade fuel rods in the Tehran reactor, fear can not guarantee the security operation. (Production of fuel rods) is not difficult, but the fuel rods must be put into use after a long safety testing. If Iran really untested fuel rods, I would suggest that the nuclear facilities around the people moved to other places, which not safe.

Sweden Stockholm International Peace Research Institute analyst Shannon Kyle

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Parties in urgent need of less confrontation increase mutual trust

In Western countries, doubts about Iran’s nuclear program, Iran’s move to declare the nuclear field, In the current circumstances, the parties in urgent need to reduce confrontation, enhance mutual trust, and resolve to create a good atmosphere for the peace of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Iran and Western countries around the contradictions generated by the nuclear issue for many years, and continues to heat up. Currently, the West gradually stepping up the pace of sanctions against Iraq, have been pushing the ban on the International Bank of Iran and even Iraq oil embargo. Threat of force against Iran’s statements one after another, and even rumors that Israel’s

Iran against each other, held military exercises in bursts, and also announced a Make an announcement on the 15th, Ahmadinejad – Ahmadinejad on the 11th ahead of rally, causing the widespread concern of public opinion.

The West, Iran has no concessions on the nuclear issue, because of the sanctions efforts were not enough, waving the sanctions stick afterburner beat. Party in Iran, want to frighten the West with a tough attitude. In this game, increasing the stakes will only make the two sides of the

On the one hand, while Iran insists that he is entitled to the peaceful use of nuclear technology, but it has not been able to dispel the doubts of Western countries, its nuclear technology for military purposes. International Atomic Energy Agency has also believe that Iran’s nuclear program, there are still outstanding issues.

The other hand, in Iran, the Western countries not only on the nuclear issue clenched tightly Iran, and has spared no effort in terms of strategy to contain Iran, to support the Iranian opposition. Looking back on history, and was clearly affixed to the development of weapons of mass destruction label Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq after the war proved to be a fundamental non-nuclear; abandon its nuclear program in the pre-war years of Libya Muammar Gaddafi regime, ultimately downfall ended, which is undoubtedly more to make Iran questioned the true intentions of the West on the Iranian nuclear issue.

At present, there have been some positive developments on the Iranian nuclear issue. Iran recently announced that the stagnant for a long time in the near future to restart nuclear talks; IAEA experts next week again in Tehran with Iranian officials held talks. The growing complexity in the current situation is grim, Iran to show the active cooperation of the signal on the occasion, the parties concerned need to reduce confrontation, take concrete actions to enhance mutual trust, strengthen dialogue and cooperation for the peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue and create a positive international environment.


Russian Chief of General Staff: the West this summer, or to make a decision

Makarov, Russian armed forces Chief of Staff, said on the 14th Western countries or in the summer to make the

Russian news agency quoted military officials as saying:

Makarov, the so-called According to him, Russia, pay close attention to the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, including Iran and Syria.

U.S. and Israeli officials have recently issued repeated warnings, and lead to military strikes against Iran’s guess. Russia opposes military action against Iran, and stressed that the radical language of the relevant countries will only make the situation from further deteriorating.

Russia earlier in the UN Security Council vote in favor of four sanctions against Iran resolution, but that excessive pressure would be counterproductive.

Iran’s Oil Ministry: off for six countries reported

Iran’s Oil Ministry denied media reports that Iran’s decision to stop oil exports in the six EU countries reported on the 15th.

A spokesman of the Iranian Oil Ministry, told the media:

Iran’s Press TV reported that, as to impose sanctions on EU exports to Iran’s oil and the central bank to respond to Iran’s decision to stop oil exports to France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Spain in six EU countries.


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