Eurocopter and Bell’s four major helicopter manufacturers Focus on Asia. From India to South Korea

Reference News February 21, Boeing, Sikorsky, Eurocopter and Bell’s four major helicopter manufacturers Focus on Asia. From India to South Korea, the 1000 helicopter order will enable Asia to become the fastest growing military helicopter market in 2015.
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According to the Bloomberg News Web site reports by the world’s fastest growing regional economic support, military spending in Asia increased by 14% last year. Defense analyst the Shike Craig Caffrey said, with the emerging powers seek ways to expand the scope of military influence, countries compete to replace the aging Western and Soviet-made and made the old helicopter, the helicopter market is growing rapidly. The world’s largest rotor aircraft manufacturer Eurocopter Asia-Pacific region, executive vice president, Nobel Prize in · Dike Luo said in an interview that the tender in six countries in the next three years will generate $ 10 billion worth of contracts. Military helicopter number one manufacturer, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, Sikorsky’s regional vice president Christopher Nili, said: the tender, the company in the tender to sell its Caffery said: .

In this regard, the London-based vision benefit company, although the United States in the next 10 years will continue to be the largest military helicopter market, its share from 50% decreased to 38% last year’s withdrawal from Iraq, and planned from Afghanistan in 2014 withdrawal is likely to issue reduced demand signal. The company said in a report released on February 6, South Korea, from ninth in the world jumped to second, to replace the UK, India will move up to third, China with its market driven by attack helicopters doubled rose from thirteenth to seventh.

Reported that, in Singapore last week, an increase in competition. The last major air show in the beginning of a series of contracts of 197 light helicopters to India order worth about $ 1.5 billion before the announcement of major manufacturers to sell their products. In the competition to replace the old south aircraft manufacturing company manufacturing Aloutte helicopters, Eurocopter to sell the AS550-C3 . The end result will be announced in March or April.


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