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MOSCOW , February 21 ( Jacky Lau) Russian Army Commander Alexander – 21 Persian Kafelnikov in Moscow said the Russian military to complete the formation of the first branch of the motorized infantry brigade of the Arctic in 2015 .
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Persian Kafelnikov told the media that the formation of the force of the Russian military in progress , is expected to 2015 related to modern weapons and equipment will be fully in place . He said that the weapons and equipment , including multi-purpose armored personnel carriers , will improve the mobility and combat capability of the Arctic forces .

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov , in July last year , proposed the idea of the establishment of two special operations brigade in the Arctic , these two units may be stationed in Murmansk , Arkhangelsk . Russia to form a special trip to refer to a similar experience of Finland, Norway and Sweden .

With the global climate warming , Russia, the United States , Canada and other circumpolar Arctic countries have to strengthen its military presence in the Arctic , in order to compete for the rich resources there . Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said Russia is willing to dialogue with the Arctic neighbors , but will firmly defend its interests .


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