after such a temper of the Chinese peacekeepers in the past 20 years

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However, after such a temper of the Chinese peacekeepers in the past 20 years, has been playing with the Corps of Engineers, logistics soldiers, Recently, a report of the Western media has broken the Just calm of the 29 Chinese workers tied to the event, either to the African send troops again by the outside world. In this regard, some experts have said to the News of the World

Combat troops to Africa

January 11, the eve of the Spring Festival, China’s ninth batch to Nansudanwei and the Corps of Engineers Battalion ready to go, they will be divided into three batches deployed to 南苏丹瓦乌 City, succeeding the eighth installment of of went Nansudanwei and engineers brigade. The Western media attention, in this operation, the first time that China sent to overseas armed personnel and armored vehicles.

Peacekeeping operations is to open up new areas. affect the flexibility to change policy, a move indicates that China began a major shift in the attitude of participation in overseas military operations.

However, with the growing of China’s international obligations, and Beijing I am afraid that is no longer as in the past, performance was detached and neutral, but must have a tendentious involved in international affairs.

The speculation in Western media, a spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry Geng Yansheng at a regular press conference in response to the afternoon of February 23, said the Chinese peacekeepers has always attached great importance to self-vigilance and security and defense in peacekeeping operations. In 2007, the Chinese peacekeeping troops stationed in the Darfur region has been allocated to Guard units. Guard unit, the main task is to bear their own vigilance and security and defense. He said, whether to send combat troops to participate in UN peacekeeping operations, will make a decision based on various aspects.

He pointed out that a variable is the probability of the risks incurred by the key projects and programs in overseas conflict areas, showing a trend in recent years, the attack on the ratio of China’s overseas engineering staff on the rise; the second variable, with the China went to the increase in overseas peacekeeping operations and in-depth, Chinese peacekeepers of its own security has become a big problem.

Sudan needs China Wu Liwei and

The beginning of 2012, 29 Chinese workers in Sudan kidnapped message to the outside world started to pay attention to the oil interests disputes between North and South Sudan, and China coerced by this dispute troubled.

So far, both the north and south Sudan still not reach an agreement on oil and transportation costs, and contradictions have intensified the momentum. Previously, South Sudan has announced the suspension of oil production, and the expulsion of a Chinese oil company executives. There are concerns that these moves may threaten China’s oil supply in southern Sudan.

Such a complex situation to the Chinese peacekeeping mission put forward a new topic: the north and south Sudan again conflict with the actual interests in the region, whether it should break the stereotypes, to send combat troops to intervene?

He further explained that the so-called regular troops, referring to the heavily armed, can be directly on the front-line combat troops, it can hold all kinds of light and heavy weapons, including helicopter gunships, armored personnel carriers, and even some light tanks. Such forces will normally be in severe conflict areas to perform the mandatory peacekeeping missions, and even the use of force both parties to the conflict to isolate.

However the Xu Tiebing believe that China to send peacekeepers to Sudan and combat troops from the present situation is not realistic. Because the situation of Sudan, sending regular combat units, the Chinese may be forced to face in the end to defend the party. interests of the color? These are the need to consider.

Chinese troops face multiple risks

Since 1990, China sent military observers to the Middle East for the first time, extensively involved in nearly 20 countries in Haiti, Liberia, East Timor peacekeeping operations. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has become the most peacekeepers sent within the UN framework.

Such a set of data sufficient to show the numerous feats of the Chinese peacekeeping force: Chinese peacekeepers have accumulated new, repair, over 8000 km of roads, bridges and more than 200; discharge of the mines and various unexploded ordnance 8700; transported over 430,000 tons of materials, the transport of the total mileage of more than 700 million km; admissions to treatment more than 60 000 patients.

Xutie Bing visited more than 20 African countries, have come across a number of Chinese peacekeepers. He told the News of the World, a lot of African peacekeeping force in China have a natural sense of intimacy, to the Chinese people went to do a lot of practical things to improve people’s livelihood, such as roads and bridges, building a house to build a house, through the power water, and so on. Secondly, Britain, France and other Western countries, China in Africa Western countries, the past history of colonial expansion, the African people, its have a very complex state of mind. It is also too much of Western countries are reluctant to send troops to peacekeeping is an important reason. Not only historical burden, The Xu Tiebing said,

But even then strong team, it is difficult to resist the unpredictable security risk. In recent years, with the increase in UN peacekeeping operations, peacekeeping operations lethality. In addition to natural disasters, disease and accidents, the three main According to reports, the Chinese peacekeepers arrived in the mission area, generally will be advised of the need to sign the In

Peacekeeping mission

Prudent to send troops considerations behind

In fact, China 20 multi-year has not sent combat troops to peacekeeping, after careful consideration of the results. For the participating countries of the international peacekeeping operations, the first face a problem of licensing issues. The past 20 years, the Chinese involvement in Africa, UN peacekeeping operations, that is, people often hear the

However, the United Nations The African Union has also set up a peacekeeping force, and constitute a mixed-dimensional mode with the China has also participated in the hybrid peacekeeping system. This system includes the dual mandate of the UN and the AU, the former is a global organization, the latter organization for the region. In fact, due to the differences of the African Union in the north and south Sudan, mixing authorized a compromise, because it itself has a certain vulnerability, once there is a conflict when the United Nations and the African Union, the countries involved in peacekeeping and will be very some loss.

The other hand, China has long pursued the principle of Although China has a 20-year history of peacekeeping, conflict composition in some areas it is not clear, for what is just, unjust, also need careful consideration. Also, if the combat troops involved, and will involve many complex issues, such as how to deal with the local government, how local people and armed forces to communicate, if you are not familiar with the conflict composition, combat mission will face a big test.

Whether China will send and when to send combat troops, according to Chinese in overseas peacekeeping missions the degree of risk and the development of the situation to make the final decision the as Meng Xiangqing said. Xutie Bing also believes that China is no urgency to consider this issue, first and foremost to participate in the international system, such as international judicial system, regulatory system, insurance system, to enhance the safety and security of Chinese overseas institutional. / /


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