How to enable frail baby become stronger?

4 causes of ill baby

1, baby suffering from the disease in vivo, or other video

Such as chronic or persistent diarrhea, anemia, recurrent respiratory tract infections, rickets Events, plot, such as rickets.

2, feeding improper lack of certain nutrients to make baby

Such as the spleen and stomach injuries often over-fed, catering arrangements for the nutritional imbalances have baby being choosy food, partial eclipse of the bad eating habits, so that the body lacks certain nutrients baby.

* If zinc deficiency can cause anorexia and decrease resistance

* If iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia can cause

* If the lack of vitamin D, can lead to rickets

* If a lack of vitamin A, can cause recurrent respiratory tract infection, and decreased resistance to gastrointestinal mucosa, causing severe corneal softening, such as night blindness.

3, so that the formation of bad habits baby

Failure to do such as eating, irregular eating, often snacking between meals, too many hot days, drink cold drinks, such as suffering from “Fridge disease” will significantly affect the appetite.

4, to allow the baby to eat become a mental burden

When the baby do not want to eat, the Mummy and forced anxious for baby feeding, baby psychological left in the shadow, so that the baby to eat is a mental burden to see the result of rice on the baby are tired. Yang Zhuang infirm baby 6 Countermeasures

1, in the Doctor to help find the causes of ill health

To bring baby to the hospital children’s health section to see a doctor, in the Doctor to help identify the baby under a major cause of ill health, so the cause can be given treatment, this is the most effective measures.

2, scientific and rational feeding baby

Give-month-old baby by adding complementary, should not be so anxious to comply with by a wide range, from small gradually, and gradually from the dilute, step by step, to avoid harm to the spleen and stomach.

For larger number of the baby can be taken principle of choice for many nutritious and easy to digest food, such as rice category, dairy (including yogurt), eggs, fish, beans, fruits, vegetables and so on, with various types of food should be reasonable, to the diversification of species. At the same time, attention should be paid to food color, flavor and taste, processing, attention should be paid when the fine was the best juice, mashed, easy digestion and absorption.

3, baby do not want to eat must not be forced

Appetite of the sick baby certainly will not be very good, but can not force baby to eat. In this way, not only is not conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function, but also cause or promote the formation of anorexia. Even normal, healthy baby, it is impossible to meal intake is constant, you may eat more of a meal, a meal to eat less. Mommy do not see many happy baby eat and eat less to worry about. If the baby does not want to eat a meal, a meal is also hungry simply fine. To be truly hungry baby will naturally take the initiative to eating.

4, cultivate good eating habits baby

Time every day dining, a meal to sit down at the dinner table to dine, not to play while eating. Meals, using positive language to encourage the baby take the initiative to eat, adults can also be carried out with the game. As long as the baby eat well, to give praise or encourage a timely manner.

5, with doctors treating baby

If after a medical examination to determine the baby are infirm because of the lack of certain nutrients due to early treatment with the doctors, under the guidance of a doctor to add the missing nutrition reasonable.

6, can take Chinese medicine treatment

If the baby is because of illness or caused by rickets plot with Jianpi medication at the same time, Chinese medicine treatment can be carried out, such as chiropractic, acupuncture points, such as four-seam, there will be good results.

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