Parent emotional resonance with the newborn?

Visual, hearing, touch and neonatal imitation is the main capacity. At home in the newborn and parents and elders through these exchanges is the ability to performance and development.

As long as you observe carefully we will find a baby to look around the world will soon, the eyes will follow the red ball or colored toys up and down around Mobile.

Health After 12 ~ 14 days, 26 ~ 28 days of the newborn, look at red ball, listening to the sound of these two acts chattered than after birth 3 1 2-day newborns have significantly improved.

Health 2 ~ 3 days after the infants are able to look red ball, but could only head and eye movement in the horizontal direction, to 12 ~ 14 days in particular to 26 ~ 28 days, many newborns can rotate with the red ball.

Such as you can get hold of this law, you can pick up the baby after breast-feeding, eye and eye contact (best distance is 20 cm), while speak, while slowly moving the face, your baby’s head and eyes will be with you and rotation, this is easy, but the significance is great.

As American scholars text doctor said: ” ‘the mother of the first concentrate’ on child care is helpful, this is a can improve the sensitivity of the period after birth to continue for several weeks, for the formation of you baby’s personality, to start the development of mental retardation and sensory provide conditions and environment. ”

In this way, pay close attention to the neonatal period such as the conduct of training (of course, step-by-step), to your baby’s development will be of great benefit.

Eyes of each eye are watching the beginning of interaction. Mother much reflected in the baby monitor when they will be very pleased to be involuntarily hugged their children.

They will say: “open your baby’s eyes, Oh, yes baby mother and baby Mother Know?” At this time your baby may smile.

Around 40% of mothers to spend a week or more time to feel the baby really is his own. Through contact, take care of the newborn, baby father really feel are their own, these mutual exchanges are necessary.

At this time period, parents can feel strongly that he (she) have their own contact with the baby together, echoed the feelings of astonishing penetration at home (the father) between pro-and newborn.

Home at follow-up, her mother will tell you that pride thing: When the baby at feeding mother heard the conversation, your baby will stop sucking or sucking rate change, indicating that babies should listen to mother speak, while others baby voice while doing nothing.

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