11 attentionto the the baby of winter birth

Childbirth should be noted that the delivery room insulation:

1, delivery must increase the insulation in the delivery room equipment;

2, to close doors and windows to prevent access to air-conditioning;

3, the baby is born, in a timely manner with a soft towel or small blanket wrap, on a warm place to prevent the cold.

Baby clothes to wear to an appropriate not to fall into errors:

1, baby clothes should be warm, soft, comfortable, simple, the principle of moderate thickness;

2, Second, the belt system should not be too tight, will not prevent neonatal respiratory;

3, the windows to let air flow.

To raise attention to the baby’s ability to adapt to:

1, babies do not always have to cover the Yan-Yan, within 3 weeks of the baby can be carried out in the indoor air bath, 1-2 minutes each time, but the room temperature should not be lower than 20 ℃;

2, the best conditions for water, bathing at room temperature should be between 18-20 ℃, the water temperature should be between 35-36 ℃;

3, with the best bathtub for bathing newborns and to move quickly, wash well after the baby was Nagymaros on the top side of the parcel rub, and then wrap infancy;

4, it is necessary to persist in breast-feeding, breast-feeding infants strong immunity, the disease is not easy;

5, rooming-in should also enhance the generation relationship


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