expert inquiry into an infant

The expert inquiry into an infant to feed to keep a problem in early days
On July 2, in stating radicle Suo being thin to hold especially of 2011″infant’s health” high peak forum in Chinas, Asian pediatrics nourishment the alliance chairman, local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a to teach on meeting to mean, the infant healthily feeds with earlier period to keep very the toll-gate fastens, so must speak science while feeding to keep in the earlier period.

Formula can not replace colostrum

On this high peak forum, the cow colostrum became the focus of discussion, its nourishment value got the consistent approbation of attending meeting the expert.Local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a professor to tell a reporter:”For can not carry on a female milk to feed to keep of mother come to say, the cow colostrum at the right moment can add the living creature live material and the immunity live material of formula want for”

But according to New Zealand national agriculture institute for research fine food research scientist DON OTTER introduce, as early as more than 1,000 year agos, the cow colostrum is seen by the ancient Indian as”saint medicine” and used for curing various diseases, including a type of rheumatism, and arthritis…etc..The research discovers that the cow colostrum can repress an upper respiratory infection, the cow colostrum experiments the number that suffers from flu far far low 300%, so a lot of national now in the world, the cow colostrum is used at the sour milk, meal add an article, chewing gum and mastication slice in.

The United States APS technique manager’s Doctor Zhang Gui Hao of Asia thinks then that the colostrum is the most complicated material, it is rich the immunity globulin containing is also the characteristic that discriminates between other foods, the completely protecting of the colostrum is what formula can not act for.Once had the scientist’s fresh milk to the market, expected the surname disinfection milk and formula to carry on the disinfection milk of analysis, fresh milk and Ba Shi all existence immunity globulin of, but could not examine immunity globulin in formula.But colostrum come to say to the infant, is such importance.Because adding of want for immunity globulin, the various germ, virus will advance unopposed and threaten the health and safety of young and small life.Therefore, such as really can not carry on a female milk to feed to keep, best of act for a way is foundation in formula milk to assist a food to add cow colostrum.This is the only method that can carry out to add live immunity globulin, re- imitate a female milk to feed to keep currently.

The D believes in a:Choose the cow colostrum sees business enterprise brand first

For on the market beautiful cow colostrum brand, should if choose?

Asian pediatrics nourishment the alliance chairman, local and well-known child’s expert’s D believes in a professor thinks, had better choose real strenght the stronger business enterprise produces of cow colostrum product, then can promise a safety.

D believes in a professor to emphasize, want to produce a qualified cow colostrum, have to have a few conditions:Is the milk source that has to there is high quality first, this among them in addition to the nourishment of the quality, cow of cow, even is still include the environment of keeping the cow grass field, he specially reveals to the reporter, abroad some flourishing regions, some even wanting of the grass fields control noise, also having can not beat and scold a milk cow, and the in order to prevent influences the quality of milk.

Moreover, the original milk collects and transports process also very key, if this process not and strictly controls, will result in super original milk microorganism mark’s waiting a series of problem, end, carrying on the craft process that process, disinfect, withdraws will also influence the quality of cow colostrum.

He emphasizes that the quality of infant’s product is safe, from the milk source, the milk grows of choose that the direct article that produces a craft controls an end product, is healthily the foundation that the infant guarantees, but with accuracy read the knowledge information that the related code of laws of child’s food requests and necessity to the parent and the society, thus Zhen don’t the health food of high level will become a pediatrics’ doctor to provide a work contents of basic essential to have in medical science service for public.

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Cow colostrum is the healthy cow produces Zi after in 72 hours secrete of human milk, cow colostrum and common milk obvious dissimilarity, the cow colostrum protein content is higher, while fat and sugar content are lower.On top of that, it contains precious live immunity globulin(IgG, IgA and IgM, IgE and IgD) and abundant milk calcium quality, protein and various trace elementses etc. the nourishment composition is praised as “the king of 21th century immunity”.

The cow colostrum is led into a Chinese market from 1998, after cultivating with development after more than 10 years of market, the cow colostrum has already got more and more rational consumers approve.But for if choose a cow colostrum product, but a lot of consumers are always”careless”.In the cow colostrum, have a key function in fact is among them of immunity globulin G(Immunoglobulin G, brief name IgG), but purchase cow colostrum, IGG the total content is more high, the nourishment then is worth of more high.But if spend same money, buy more IGGs, more worthwhile.

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At edible up, according to the suggestion of New Zealand international milk article association, the edible method of cow colostrum should decide according to the physical endowment, then the immunity globulin of healthy crowd recommends dosage is 0.0085 grams of|kilogram weight.The immunity globulin of second healthy crowd’s recommending dosage is 0.021 grams of|kilogram weight.Take a gram of IgG from the cow colostrum every day under the ideal circumstance, ability since the economy availably maintains the body good appearance again, the quantity of absorbing of child should gradually decrease according to the weight.

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