infant’s eczema cares

The family of infant’s eczema cares
Infant’s eczema is so called “milk tinea”, usually occurrence after livinging 2~3 weeks or 2~3 months, much deliver at the head face, the Sao Yang is violent, it is 2 to can is divided into exudation type and dry type, is the infant’s performance to the different race egg white allergies, such as milk, egg, fish and shrimp…etc..This disease easily relapses, winter the heavy summer is light, can delay to 1~2 years old.

1, as far as possible avoid the whole foreign stimulate, if the clothes being dressed in have to be light, soft, relaxed, the silk, woolen fabrics, synthetic fiber clothes doesn’t want to directly get in touch with a skin and avoid making an effort to scart to grasp and rub.

2, keep excesssive skin from cleaning, specially don’t burn to wash with hot water soap or disinfectant.Clothes, bed sheet,

The diaper wants to frequently wash to change;The indoor temperature doesn’t once want Gao, the dress wasn’t wanted warm, reduce a sweat liquid to secrete incitement.

3, the attention food regulate and observe to suffer from son’s sensitive reaction for food, as far as possible reduce edible sensitive foods, such as fish, shrimp and egg…etc., can carry on taking off when it’s necessary quick if replace low quick milk powder etc..

4, the part can a little bit early apply a burning type of anti- the medicine cream and Cape turn to facilitate, the Jia skin is thicker can outside soften with the plant oil

In addition to, the small area skin Sun can outside use the skin quality steroid product and have the infection leaks out to apply wet spread and anti-virus medicine of cream.

5, Sao Yang violent can take orally An medicine appropriately and have infection can short-term application antibiotics.

6, for skin dry type the eczema want to use suitable hydration smooth skin when the applied medicine cures and particularly want after bathing in 5 minutes usage, such as graceful Yang three heavy especially smooth frost, so the benefit is completely recovered at the eczema.

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