5 kinds of correct postures

5 kinds of correct postures for mother’s female milk to feeds keep
A, the cradle embrace a method

The elbow joint seamy side used your arm props up the baby’s head, makes his belly tightly stuck your body and props up your breast with another hand.Because the part that the breast peeps out is few, giving out its effect of breast feed will be better.


The usually the most simple and easy to learn posture;

Majority of postures with the inest common use parents.

Two, cross cradle to embrace a method

Act decomposition:

And usage the cradle prop up the position of method similar, but use this time to side of arm, so can by hand prop up baby’s head, prop up body with the forearm.Thus you can more directions of the control baby’s heads.


Use to prop up neck back, comparing to use forearm will form a better control to infant’s head;

While using to is a premature infant or Diao prison nipple to have a difficult infant to breast feed particularly effective.The Jinzhongjiang

Three, the side lies(football) to embrace a method

Let the baby is one side at the your body, prop up his to carry on the back with the forearm, let neck and headrest on your hand.If you just recovered from the Pou temple produced surgical operation, so was a very suitable posture like this, very small to the pressure of wound because of this.


Be easy to observe a baby whether already nipple formation in the Diao prison effective of breast feed;

Will be more comfortable for accepting the mother whom the Pou temple produces but speech, because keep off to slice to embrace an infant;

The breast bigger mother will be more comfortable, because the infant’s chest can help the weight of supporting the breast;

When breast bulge is full, is advantageous to the shape that adjusts breast by that posture.

Four, the side lie to embrace a method

You can the side lie on the bed, let the baby’s face toward you, the baby’s headrest is in bending arm and make his mouth and your nipple kept level.After propping up with the pillow carry on the back.If is after the Pou temple produces Shu, this is also a good posture.

Advantage:Wrestling shoes

Easy to take a rest in the breast feed;

The meeting Yin cuts open or tears to pieces the women of ache or piles ache to adopt this posture the most comfortable.

Five, the rugby embrace Zi

The rugby embraces Zi to be applicable to those BBs that suck at breast to have a difficulty, can also be advantageous to a mother in the meantime observation kid, can adjust BB positionses when the kid sucks at breast.In order to make the BB lain on a more wide chair or the sofa, the step places he in you of under the arm, the head closes to you of chest, the finger using you props up his head and shoulder.Then under the kid’s head the mat previous pillow, make his mouth able to come in contact with you of nipple.Interview wearing

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