academic association comprehends

The academic association comprehends the meaning that the baby cries
Someone once once did the experiment of long term to the baby’s behavior and was living every day 1 versatile and have the baby whom the baby of good emotion and another grow up in the life of the monotonous boredom to make a comparison, clearly see:The reaction of the former is more intelligent than the latter, and this baby at later of also display very great advantage in education.

Can see from this experiment:The exaltations of development, speech of happy emotion experience to baby’s intelligence all include aggressive influence.Once your baby be born, should give him happy of living experience.What about how to foster the infant’s good emotion?

Embrace baby moreThe collector holds

There is such an experiment, what to speak is the Prussia of Western Europe to contain a monarch, he really wants to know what mankind first language is.Hence he thinks:If find out a group of infants to come to keep, stipulate anyone get not talk with them, probably can know what “mankind first language” is.He issues order to those mothers who bring up an infant and nurses, suckles the baby, takes a shower and absolutely prohibits to talk with infant.He thinks by so doing and waits the time that the infant talks, will definitely from the mouth in spoke Hebrew, Latin or Greece language.Thus, can know mankind the first language was what.But this gentleman king didn’t get the result that he wants to get, but got a very pathetic final outcome:These infants all died.This case tells us:The infant can not exist at all under the sistuation that no one and him talk, cans not gets an embracing each other of mother or looks after under go to.

So the parents want to embrace baby more, let the baby pass know that he or she is loved deeply with the contact of mother’s skin of, this is count for much to infant.Because in addition to needing of nourishment, the infant returns the demand of full of energy.The baby is embracing in mother’s that warm bosom, will feel the mother’s good care and care, he will stare at the mother’s face, looking at the mother’s form and listen to a mother that warm voice.Often embracing a baby can satisfy their spirit demands, so the parent never neglect.

Concern crying of baby moreEnglish name

The baby bears to come and then will cry.It is the first method of infant and outside communication to cry.Pass a weeping over of infant, the mother can know:The baby is a hunger, ache, uncomfortable, relieve nature, have already still felt lonesome.The baby of half year old only uses to cry to express his demand and claim, if you was careless of a crying of baby, he would feel don’t help very much.Time a long will become pessimism negative, and no longer think for attaining some one purpose that the square tries to express his/her own viewpoint.This certanly will influence the development of baby’s language.

So the parent wants to concern crying of baby more and comprehends the meaning that the baby cries hard.When the baby cried, the parent mighted as well walk over to concern ground to ask:”Wet the pants?”"Whether baby means to say words?”Combine to solve his difficulty in time.If was a baby to feel lonesome, will coax him and read aloud son song or sing a song to let him listen to, or do a game with him, let him experience personally happy.

Let the baby have a sense of security

Some parents for the sake of the development baby’s independence, baby one the birth make him leave parents to sleep alone.Some researchers think:To want to foster the baby’s independence the most important is to want to make the baby’s emotion stable, the emotion is naturally once stabilized, willing produce independence.Blue precious stone

If made the baby leave a mother since the childhood, when he needed to hear the mother’s voice, smelt a mother the smell on the body and got a with meticulous care looking after of the mother, but can not get should get of satisfy, the baby will produce insecurity.Also influence their emotion in the meantime, the nature can’t strengthen his independence.So, at baby 6 months ago, the mother had better nearby sleep at the baby, clap, coax, embrace him in good time, or sing a lullaby and let the baby fully satisfiedly and safely fallen asleep.

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