usual enough calcium

The blood calcium doesn’t represent a kid as usual enough calcium
Formerly, people always say “10 fight, nines are for money”, can now now the all families”10 fight, nine for the sake of the kid”.Don’t say first because who take a kid who more hard cause of quarrel, the list is smallly small and repair calcium for one of topic, old woman daughter-in-law’s 2 always make get into a hot dispute.led lighting design

The old woman has the reason of old woman:”Past kid which don’t also make up for a mistakes what, not also similar healthily long?”The daughter-in-law has a daughter-in-law of according to:”Sciences all lay claim to repair calcium now, don’t repair in case of lacked how to do?”But, contend for to fight to go, who also say to not and very ask for so a person to vexedly repair a calcium antinomy how to exactly should quell?To this, armed police total Liu Qiu Ling’s director from pediatrics in hospital hints everyone, have to the explicit child repairs a calcium purpose first for the sake of prevention rickets disease, not afraid lack calcium to just repair calcium, so have to not give discount to hard repair calcium.

Prevent rickets disease from repairing calcium of still need to add vitamin D in the meantimeled grow lights

The baby of the Ying more than three months.Listen to the other people saying that the kid should repair calcium from the birth beginning and otherwise lack very easily.The Ying is as tall as none of husbands, Ying’s fearing a kid is also a small little fellow in the future, so repair calcium for kid since full moon.Can the kid arrives check in the hospital for six months, doctor says that kid’s rib outside turns over badly, the Zhen bald turn also very serious, probably get rickets to get sick.The Ying bands together very much and shines on to look after child with quiet attention every day and fears some mishap, how was this ?

The expert guides:A lot of babies appear time of disease-like in shape rickets, people always purely think is lack calcium and repair calcium, in fact otherwise.Rickets disease mainly is because the vitamin D lacks causable calcium inside the body, Lin metabolism mess, but make a bad kind disease of skeleton calcify, so cure the key to rickets disease to add vitamin D.Rickets attack disease of first performance for fidgety, have no reason of cry and scream, night Ti, sleeping often drive not obvious of the voice wake up with a start and perspire much symptom of waiting the plant nerve mess, and in order to perspiring incitement head to rub to around appear in the back part of skull a turn of takes off hair for”the Zhen is bald”.Severity still have a skeleton change, like square Lu, “ping-pong head”, the ex- Xin shuts to match a night and tooth night, “the rib outside turns over”, and”chicken breast”…etc..So we usually say of afraid that the kid lacks calcium to repair calcium, main purpose for the sake of prevention rickets disease, but rickets disease prevention of had better the measure is to add vitamin D.led home lighting

Three the baby before the year old lack calcium to add with the medicine

Because one gives the repairing of kid the calcium topic, China China was regarded as to ascend with mother-in-law more strength, who all want to battle out predominance power.The mother-in-law thinks that oneself brought up three childrens and added nursing experience for 15 years, repairing calcium for kid have to depend food and depend to take a hideous mess medicine to have no some advantage to the kid.The daughter-in-law basically has no experience and just read at the time the book learns of, armchair strategist just.Bringing up a baby certainly should is predominated by experienced he or she.The reason of China China is also very full and certainly need to use modern science nursing, repairing the calcium has to add vitamin D and calcium every day, didn’t fill vacant post how to do?

The expert guides:A lot of families all in order to repair the problem affliction of calcium for kid, lift a standpoint:”3 years old the medicine repaired before, 3 years old the food will repair hereafter.”Suggest baby the calcium absorb to measure for 0-6 months everyday:400 mgs;6 months:2 years old 600 mgs;3-9 years old:800 mgs;10-12 years old:1000 mgs;13-15 years old:1200 mgs;16 years old go to adulthood:800 mgs.The vitamin D adds, the baby 11 months ago can choose each product with the 500 IUs, and 11 babies with later month choose each product with the 700 IUs.Among them, three the baby before the year old because of growing the speed is quick, the outdoor activity is little and feed to keep a difficulty and add to assist to eat etc. in time don’t cause of lack calcium have to add with the medicine.But 3 years old the baby after the outdoor activity is many, can acquire the vitamin D of amount of foot from the irradiation the ample sunlight, so the needing to be noticed repair calcium for baby from the food all right.12 volt led lighting

The list is completely repaired calcium by formula milk to attain effect

Satisfied baby five months, the weight none of height reaches a mark and lacks zinc to lack calcium.Satisfied say, the baby eats formula milk and assisted a food to still add some egg yolk and rice paste.Because see add vitamin D and calcium in the formula milk, don’t additionally repair calcium and vitamin D for kid again, can check for kid recently, unexpectedly lack calcium.

The expert guides:The food that the calcium enhances, for example formula milk, rice flour, repair calcium to really have a certain function to the baby.But what to remind everyone BE, formula on the market adds vitamin D and the quantity of the calcium currently how much not etc., the list depends formula milk to repair calcium to completely attain effect.Some parents think to eat formula milk not to need to repair calcium to the kid, this is the false understanding.

Repair calcium for baby to choose in response to the head moreover water-soluble good, taste good, take convenience, contain calcium to have great capacity, bowel absorption rate Gao of calcium, recommend the calcium of using the calcium carbonate composition.The cent time small amount of repairs calcium for baby to compare big amount of to take absorption rate Gao, and had better be taking for the after meal 1-1.5 hours.If takes once just everyday, had better arrange to just before sleep take in every night.led lighting automotive

Blood calcium’s being worth doesn’t represent a kid as usual enough calcium inside the body

The treasure English house is recent to take place a war, repairing of a reason still a baby calcium problem.Repairs calcium to the baby, the treasure English has been thinking that the do-it-yourself must is very good and insists eating cod-liver oil for kid every day and check a trace element for kid to the hospital every two months and analyze a list top always all what to show is normal, the treasure English is always very delighted.Can a few days ago get to hospital to check body for baby, the doctor says that the baby has bald Zhen and lacks calcium.On asking to just know, the mother of treasure English is afraid to take medicine every day not good to kid, take advantage o a treasure English to go to work and then secretly throw away medicine every day.Does the trace element checks enough calcium but the treasure English is still very interrogative?

The expert guides:Take charge of to grow the trace element examination of getting hold of the baby report, all generally will pay attention to two sets of values, a set of is the content of a certain trace element inside the body of baby, another is the normal reference value of that trace element scope.In fact, in addition to need to be paid attention to whether the baby’s examination number is as usual being worth in, even want to pay attention to they isn’t being worth in-between position as usual and then can satisfy a baby so fast- growing up demand.

The calcium is in the blood of distribute to have 1%, then have 99% in the skeleton.When human body calcium isn’t enough, the calcium in the skeleton will transfer blood and keep a calcium density within blood stability.Therefore, if you see the value of baby blood calcium normal, probably don’t represent a kid enough calcium inside the body.You still need to notice to observe a baby to have a much sweat and night surprised, fidgety, the rib outside turn over etc. performance come comprehensive judge.

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