shaping the very important

Infancy: shaping the very important
Correcting the baby sleeping position — baby pretty face
Infants are born with the skull is soft, not completely ossified, between each blade still growing gap, there is considerable plasticity. But, baby’s neck muscles is to turn the heavy head, when a range of bone plate under a long-term whole head weight pressure, its growth and shape will be affected.Noxious gas’s
When the baby gradually grew up, skull hardness has changed with large, seam sealing, head the general assembly is not changed. Adjust the baby head gold period is after the baby is born within 3 months.
Previous Chinese parents used to make baby taken supine sleeping position, so the Chinese face is mostly flat, three-dimensional sense is not strong. Moreover, the supine also is easy because the baby needs turned to cause skull asymmetry, forming a. While the Westerners do not mind the baby sleeping habits, many babies sleep, they are also not interfere, the West face bright also have some of this factor.
However, parents should also be based on the baby’s face to decided the baby ‘s sleeping position, for example: some children with high cheekbones, if let him sleep on it, later zygomatic will be higher, the face becomes not good-looking.Newspaper considers
Baby face flat for either side to sleep, so as not to make the prefrontal and occipital ( head ) by extrusion, and allows both cheeks force inside the plastic, can make beautiful head contour.
Here to note is: take the prone sleeping position also has the certain risk, must have special care, always pay attention to baby’s airway patency, prevention of respiratory tract obstruction.
Sleep contributes to the baby — good body shape
The child’s head basically is every parents focus. When a child is born, 24 hours a day, to sleep more than 20 hours later, with the old growth sleep time will be shortened, but the infant the best day to sleep more than 12 hours.LED billions of dollars
Some mothers would say” my children every day to sleep more than 12 hours, should grow?” but it is worth mentioning that sleep time is also very important. Even 12 hours of sleep, but from 9 at night to sleep for 12 hours, from 1 a.m. to 12 hours of sleep effect is distinct. Studies have shown, growth hormone 70% are the night deep sleep secretion, so be sure to ensure the baby sleep at night is the most critical.

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