you will always know

At the end, you will always know
If there’s one day.
A return to the man disappeared.
One is inseparable from the people leave.
Also never mind. Time will bring you to the right person.
Please love yourself.
Then the still do not know where they.
Will come to you.Da Vinci furniture
I missed you but I missing you . I missing you but I missed you . I see you but I seeing you. I seeing you but I see you
– I have been missing you, but I miss you.
When I miss you, but I can’t have you.
It has not, yet again.
When we meet again, but have to say goodbye.
The world’s most painful feeling,
Not lovelorn,
But my heart to you,
You are cheating me
Leave a place, scenery is no longer belong to you, Miss a person, Blessed is the man that has nothing to do with you.
To leave a place, scene no longer belongs to you; miss a person, that person would have nothing to do with you.
The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.
The worst feeling, do not know should wait or give up.
Because of the love,
The two strangers can suddenly Shuluo to sleep in the same bed.
However, the same two people,
Said that when breaking up,Furniture’s musical
I think you are more and more strange.
Love the two people become familiar with the unfamiliar,
And become familiar with the unfamiliar.
Love is a stranger into a pair of lovers,
Turn a couple into a stranger’s game
In this world I can meet lots of people,
My love will not give you the,
I just gave you cannot give others.
I’m not waiting for you not to be,
But I waited for you couldn’t wait for someone else.
I also can not forget you,
You just let me die like the pain.
Let people miss, miss good than others.
Life, just do one’s own.
This time, I want to give you the world.
This time covered all over with cuts and bruises, also never mind.
This time, all of the brave.
This time, can do not care about anything.
But just this once is enough.
I am not so heavy love.
Would you drop down self-esteem, reserved, no matter worth, no matter how humble love.
I love you, there is no purpose.
A miss is avoided disappear.
There is a miss call avoid meeting
Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet the right one, so when this happens, youl will be thankful.
Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet many wrong people,
So, when this happens, you’ll be thankfull.
How many people, how many feelings,
Is not the distance,
It is not lost to the time,
But the lack of a brave courage,
Missed the best opportunity.
Love and life,
In the world of emotion,
We can reserve,
But not too tight,domestic product
Most of the time you need to be in the right and self-confident to speak out,
But not atrophy in the side of silence,
Silence can only create a mystery,
Never let each other know.
I acted like it wasn ‘ t a big deal, when really it was breaking my heart.
I pretend everything is indifferent to, although I have be mentally and physically exhausted.
And you missed,
You talk with him too much is nonsense.
And you have the wrong people,
Your presence will wake up all his feelings.
Some people even in the understanding of a few years later are strange,
Between each other always seems to have a layer of diaphragm exists,
As if bloom at the other side of the flowers,
Stand far apart facing each other far beyond one’s reach
Sometimes God doesn t give you what you want, not because you don ‘ t deserve it, but because you deserve more
– sometimes, God didn’t give you what you want,
Not because you do not deserve, but you deserve better.
One of the most happy moment,
Is to find the right person,
He winks at you,
And love you all.
In the end you ‘ ll see who’ s fake who ‘s true and, who would risk it all just for you.
To the end, you will always know, who is open-minded and,
Who have a genuine and sincere desire to fling caution to the winds, who you.

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